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Google relives the excitement of the World Cup through trends and searches

Want to know more than the scores, the wins, and the celebrations behind the World Cup? Google has now compiled a video and a World Cup recap page that shows off not just highlights from the game, but what people were talking about and what they were searching for. Through trends, you can relive the excitement of the World Cup once again.

"We miss the #worldcup , too," Google said on a post made to Google+. "Take a look back at the biggest #googletrends from Brazil 2014."

What do you think of the video? Be sure to also hit up the Google search trends in the source link below as well.

Source: Google, Google Trends

  • Wow!! That video brings back memories. Too bad the World Cup is every 4 years. Why Russia in 2018???? I wouldnt go to Russia.
  • Why? They paid more than everyone else
  • Google trends was actually a really good tool to see who was going to win each match by comparing the two teams.
  • Cortana was better tho Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, I remember all the excitement of wishing it would go away.
  • +1
  • Was so much fun this year! Posted via the Android Central App