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What you need to know

  • Google has started rolling out the July security patch for Pixel smartphones.
  • The update enables VoLTE with undisclosed cellular networks.
  • There were no critical vulnerabilities patched in this update.

Although there were concerns that something was awry with the July security patch, Google has eased those concerns. The July patch is now rolling out in waves to Pixel owners, bringing a few minor changes, while squashing several "high" level vulnerabilities. This comes a few days after some of the best Samsung phones began receiving the same security patch.

After releasing the June security update, along with a Feature Drop, Google confirmed in its update notes that the July update would be coming a bit later than usual. This has to do with the Independence Day holiday falling on a Sunday, with the holiday being observed on Monday, July 5th.

Compared to previous security patch releases, the one for July is pretty tame. The most notable change is the support for VoLTE to be used on devices like the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a with "certain networks." Those carriers are not mentioned, although it wouldn't come as a surprise if it's targeting some of the different MVNOs like Mint Mobile.

One rather large bug was supposedly fixed in the July update, as it was related to the Android Framework. Google states that a fix is in place to "prevent continued device reboots under certain conditions." It's unknown how many users were affected by this problem, but if you were one of them, then the fix arrived.

Android Security Patch JulySource: Google

As is the case with many of these Android security patches, the update is arriving in stages, and you will be able to download it via an OTA update when it's available. Those who don't want to await the arrival of the OTA can download and apply the factory image directly, as Google has made those publicly available.

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