Google quietly launches an early version of a new interactive app for events

Google has released a new app to the Play Store called Interactive Events. As the name implies, this new app is developed for events and hosted sessions. Unfortunately, we're unable to test out the features as you're required to sign-in to an event using text or QR code. Clearly Google is still working on things.

Humorously, it appears as though Google left some code inside the app when soft-launching the app to the store as you're greeted by the following message.

"Shhh! This is a CONFIDENTIAL internal dogfood version of the Interactive Events app. Do not show this to non-Googlers and do not discuss this externally."

Google Interactive Events

It's a good job we're not writing about it then! As touched on above, it's rather difficult to see what the app is built for, though we'd assume that it would be compatible with a variety of supported events, offering a unified experience for each from the same app. We'll keep our eyes peeled for any information to come out of the search giant.

Via: Android Police

Rich Edmonds