Google Photos' latest feature will take you on a walk down memory lane

Google is now rolling out a feature to Google Photos that should help you relive awesome moments from the past. Going forward, on any given date, Google Photos can show you pictures that were taken on that date in past years so you can take a brief walk down memory lane. From Google:

By opting in, you'll get cards in the Assistant view reminding you of photos from events in your past, including a collage featuring people and places from that day. Share with whoever you want, however you want, whether that's via email, a social network, or by showing the person next to you. Or savor the moment for yourself; it's completely private until you decide to share.

As Google notes, this is an opt-in feature, so you won't be bombarded with your past photos if you don't want to be. Still, for those that regularly document their good times with photos, this is a pretty neat feature. Google says that this is currently rolling out to Google Photos on Android, so it may not show for you right away, but you can check for an update on Google Play now.

Source: +GooglePhotos

Dan Thorp-Lancaster