Google drops free Fiber in Kansas City

Google Fiber is now available in Kansas City on a selection of monthly plans, as opposed to the one-time payment for construction and free connectivity thereafter. Now, as noted by Recode, the company will offer its service for free to economically underserved communities while everyone else can pay out $50 a month without signing a contract.

It's likely Google has altered its pricing model for Fiber to attract more customers. The substantial installation fee turned off potential customers, but this new monthly fee could entice those who seek faster connectivity without having to take out a loan to afford the installation. The $50 a month will bump those on the free 5Mbps up to 100Mbps.

Those who reside in Kansas City will have until May 19 to switch to the new plan in order to continue using Fiber. Should you require even more from the web, there's a $70 a month option for a gigabit connection.

Rich Edmonds