Google Nexus 7 hands-on and initial review

Meet the Google Nexus 7 -- the first Google-produced tablet, the first device with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the first to serve more as a direct portal to Google Play (as opposed to a tablet that just runs apps), Google's first major push into the magazine and television market, the first device to ship with Chrome as its default browser ... and that's just the start of the superlatives.

But is the Nexus 7 just another Android tablet? Can it really beat the Amazon Kindle Fire for content consumption? We'll answer those questions in the coming weeks. For now, hit the break for our initial look at Google's 7-inch tablet.

Let's just get this out of the way: Yes. The Nexus 7 is in direct competition with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and to a lesser extent the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. Both of those are (relatively) low-cost devices with content consumption as their main focus. They run Android apps, too, make no mistake about it. But unlike traditional Android tablets, you're not just presented with a bit display, a bunch of icons, and sent merrily on your way.

Boot the Nexus 7 for the first time and you can tell that Google's been hard at work. Ice Cream Sandwich has been refined even further, more slick and sleek than ever in its iconography. You go through the usual setup motions -- wifi, location services, your Google account -- and then find yourself at a home screen that's plenty familiar, but at the same time you can tell Google's found a new purpose with the Nexus 7.

The main homescreen is dominated by a "My Library" widget. Google's preloaded some magazines and books and music on the tablet for you, and that's what you'll see. And it's also what makes it plenty apparent that Google Play is now more important than ever to Google and to Android. You don't see a calendar widget. There's no cool analog clock. It's "Here's what you've bought, and here's where to access it."

Jelly Bean's ditched the traditional Android tablet paradigm of the System Bar and Action Bar and reverted to more of a phone interface. You've got the three on-screen buttons at the bottom, and a thin notification bar up top. And it works just fine. Jelly Bean's new notification panel fits the 7-inch display (which, by the way, has a 1280x800 resolution)

We're back and forth on whether we'll miss having a rear-facing camera. While the idea of shooting with tablets is ridiculous on spec and even more so when you see it happen, we'd still rather have a feature and not use it than need it and not have it. The front of the display has a 1.2MP front-facing camera.

The power button and volume rocker are on the right-hand bezel, where you'd probably expect them to be. Down below is the 3.5mm headphone jack and micro-USB port.

Other specs of note:

  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30L quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz
  • 4325 mAh battery for 8 hours of movie playback time, 10 hours of reading and web browsing, 50 hours of audio playback.
  • WIfi b/g/n
  • Wifi Direct
  • Bluetooth
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB/16GB ROM
  • Dimensions: 198.5x120x10.45mm
  • Weight: 340 grams

So that's that. We're going to put the Nexus 7 through its paces in the coming weeks. But one of the crucial factors to watch for is how Google markets the tablet. Amazon has the advantage of already being a massive online retailer, with an above average (and reasonably priced) tablet. Barns & Noble has has brick-and-mortar stores, with actual human help to walk you through things with the Nook Tablet. Will Google be able to persuade tablet neophytes that the Nexus 7 and Google Play are the way to go for online content consumption? We shall see.

Phil Nickinson
  • I am now back and forth if I want this. Eh screw it I WANT THIS!!!!! It seems like a good upgrade (as long as it has a good screen) from the 370t. I look forward to more information from you all with hands on reviews, but for now I am ready to preorder. As long as it is not just a Google Play device and a full tablet that it.
  • What's that Phil? . . . Sorry I couldn't hear you over me making my 16GB PreOrder
  • Was hoping for an sd card slot. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait till Amazon releases their specs for the next version of Kindle.
  • No MicroSD? Pass.
  • Wish I'd noticed before ordering.
  • you can still cancel, it doesnt ship for 2 weeks or so lol
  • Because the lack of a MicroSD slot was why the iPad was such a critical and commercial failure. Oh, wait.... I swear, as annoying and dumb as the iChumps are, the antics of Android nerd-ragers are appalling. Looking at the responses here, I've seen more ignorance than a meeting of midgets discussing what's on top of the refrigerator. Whiners are looking at the Play widget and declaring this a useless paperweight because they're too busy jerking their knees to see what this is... The Kindle Fire killer. For the same price as the Fire, you can now have a 7" tablet that has: * Higher rez HD screen (1280 x 800 vs. 1024 x600) * Bluetooth (for your headphones or car) * GPS (for Maps, though Navigation won't work, I think) * Webcam and mike for video chat * 18% lighter with longer battery life (so they say) * Chrome browser instead of Silk, which never lived up to its hype * FULL ACCESS TO ALL THE ANDROID APPS AVAILABLE IN THE PLAY STORE, NOT JUST THE ONES AMAZON HAS ALLOWED YOU TO HAVE!!!! The ONLY thing I see that I'm losing out on is the Kindle Lending Library. Oh darn. I've checked out two books in the time I've had it and I got it at launch. All the other stuff - MP3, Kindle, etc. - have apps and video can run in the browser just fine. The Nexus 7 (anyone else notice the Blade Runner angle?) is everything a Kindle Fire 2 would likely be with none of the limitations Amazon placed on the Fire that made it less than a true Android tablet. Looking down in the comments, in addition to all the mewling about the lack of MicroSD is some of the most ignorant junk as if you're stuck using only Play. As I've noted, everything Amazon offers but lending is available along with everything else you can do with an Android tablet. There's a guy so put off by the PLAY WIDGET that he only sees this as being good for rooting and flashing. Rooting and flashing to WHAT?!? ICS? Over a WIDGET?!? This isn't a gimped media-consumption-only thing like the Fire. Un-freaking-real! I've pre-ordered a 16GB one. I'm selling my Fire.
  • "This isn't a gimped media-consumption-only thing like the Fire. Un-freaking-real!" Well, severely limiting it's ability to hold media (aka, no 64gb option or SD slot) is gimping it to some degree.
  • thats what all this cloud based storage like DropBox is for.
  • Um, which is 100% useless when you are not in an open/available WiFi area.
  • THIS. All these toolbags who think that any dissenting opinion is trolling or mental incompetence need to mind their own damned business. Why go to bat for something you've never even seen? Because you already pre-ordered it? Great. I'm sure it will be everything you imagined. That doesn't mean people shouldn't make sure it will do what they need. IMHO, designing something like this to be used more for media than anything else, and then crippling it with such limited data storage to encourage people to purchase content through google play rather than use content they've already purchased before, is a little low. The lack of expandable storage makes it obvious that google would prefer you not to use anything other than google play for content, which is both understandable and irksome. BUT, that's not to say that 16GB isn't enough for "most" media consumers.
  • Listen, Bub, I was slapping around the butthurt crybabies who whined about the Fire not being a full-fledged tablet WHEN IT WAS NEVER PROMISED TO BE, so I've got no problem calling out your dire need for Preparation H. All I have to do is point at the freaking iPad and iPhone to refudiate your simpering bleating that 16GB isn't enough for "most media consumers." The base $199 iPhone and $499 iPad have 16GB and no MicroSD slot and NO ONE IS WHINING LIKE YOU LITTLE BABIES!!! 64GB requires shipping another $200 to Cupertino. Would you 1) pay $399 for a 64GB Nexus 7 or would you be B) filling your diaper about the lack of expansion? (I suspect B, which is the first letter in butthurt.) Your mewling doesn't even adhere to its own internal logic: You weep over your imagined scheme by Google to force you to use the Play store when there's no such thing happening? What previously purchased content are you unable to use? Your Amazon MP3s? Load the app! Kindle books? Load the app! The 10,000 MP3s you have? Get a fraking iPod for those? How exactly are you being harmed by having "only" 16GB of space? On my Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, I've got 450 downloaded Spotify tracks, 250 2.4MP photos, a few HD videos, 175 apps, 125 Amazon MP3/Cloud tracks local, 2GB of podcasts (gotta clean that up) and I still have 600 MB for apps and over 4GB of internal memory left over. That's enough space for a half-dozen ripped movies or whatever else. The only reason I put a MicroSD card in the thing was to have a place for my backups and it's faster to copy photos. You people are acting as if the lack of a expansion card is a crippling lifestyle imposition but what exactly do you need with you that will tide you over when you're away from wi-fi - shouldn't you be waiting over the lack of an LTE version? - that 8GB or 16GB isn't enough, especially since you've only got 8-10 hours of battery life? How many books, songs, movies, games, apps and whatever else do you need instant access to otherwise you may as well just stop breathing? The Kindle Fire was designed to be a hardware dongle for the Amazon store just like the iPad is the same for iTunes Music/App Stores. Neither of them have MicroSD cards and the Kindle has only 8GB of space with no option for more. (Since Amazon Instant Video came to my Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, that aspect of the Fire has gone unused.) But unlike the Fire and iPad, the Nexus 7 doesn't chain you to its related store for content. Load GetJar or sideload from other places. Use Amazon's apps or Hulu or Netflix or HBO Go or the Nook Reader. After I burn my $25 Play credit, I'm not planning on spending one penny more than I would've on apps for any of my other Android devices anyway, like Swiftkey, etc. Well, that's enough of that. The clowns being all boo boo kitty over a freaking memory slot that most won't need - I just looked and discovered my Transformer has one; never knew it was there - are the type of anal-retentive losers who think that OCD should be spelled CDO because the letters would be alphabetized, LIKE THEY SHOULD BE! You would've rejected Cindy Crawford in her prime because of "that festering cancer on her face." What a pack of maroons. 16GB is plenty of space. Load your Dropbox or Box or Google Drive account with all the stuff you want and pull it down. Use a NAS hard drive and connect via the web. There are solutions to problems if you want them and can move beyonf pouting and stomping your feet crying, "I NO WANNAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"
  • So, basically because the ipad or the fire has no microsd slot, its fine for other tablets not to have them?. Damn... drinking too much koolaid lately? Go kiss tim cook's ass now please. You seem to be too retarded to notice how shitty the response time is and how much dependent it is to a network connection to be uploading/downloading movies, music and large documents to the so called limited cloud, which is worthless unless you use your own money to upgrade from the mediocre <5gb storage they give users for free. You sound like a f*cking blackberry fanatic with all your senseless bullsh*t and how users should annoy themselves and find other ways which are worse and will probably cost more to do things as basic as storing files. Some people are actually using tablets to replace laptops and to sideline their desktop computers, and when they face this crap of only having 8gb or 16gb which is not even the full amount, since the OS will take from it by caching files and the obvious fact that they are using the 1000 bytes scale instead of 1024 will leave you with a mediocre amount of space for those that actually want to use their tablets to do real stuff, its okay for them to complain and criticize it and compare it to other tablets that have a tiny microsd port. Sure, if you do not use your tablet at all except for streaming movies from paid services like netflix, then that can explain your limited brain power to figure out that there are others that actually drain the juice out of their tablets. Sell your android devices and get a blackberry phone and a playbook, your mediocre mentality suits you best defending that brand. F*cking mediocre zombies and fanatics nowadays. Were the world be run by idiots like you, we would probably be stuck using technology from the 80s...
  • You are Fric4en hopeless. Use this as a Laptop? No way in H3LL would you use this. Get a 10" Sammy for that if you like. Theses are not the Tablets you are looking for. This is meant to be used in the Living room/Starbucks with a Cafe Mocca next to it. Not to be writing your dissertation on Frog Politics. Right now I have an unlocked Gnex with 16GB. Could it be more? YES! Does it matter? Not very much. I have what I need on it and nothing more. If I want to get something I don't have. I can access it from the cloud. Again where are you taking this that you need to desperately have take it up your Arse 3g/4g? Is 8GB pitiful? for some like US yes. That's why for 50 more get your 16GB one. As of now this Tablet will probably be in my future. Just not next week.
  • 16GB is so tiny. Its so tiny, even in 2009 there were phones like the nokia n97 that had 32GB built in and a micro sd slot. And now, 3 years later the technology for that storage has evolved so much, became so much cheaper, now its possible to have a 128GB SD Card, but now just when we reach that point, google decides to stick with 16GB as a maximum of storage, even less than the old nokia phone from 2009 (!) had. 50 dollar for 16GB? This price is way to high for way too small storage space. You can get a 32GB Micro sd for 20€ now.
    No, the cloud is not a replacement for local storage. Why don't you remove your Harddrive from your PC and only use the cloud from now on? Thats the same thing, its pointless, having your HDD somewhere far away from your PC and having to stream your files through the internet.
    One thing is a fact, Storage Space right built into your device is the most efficient Storage and I don't like it how Google wants to get rid of the most efficient method.
  • I wish I could upvote your comment. A million times. People are seriously oblivious to the ease of use of cloud services. And the fact that Wifi is pretty much everywhere. And anywhere it's not, you're not likely going to be using a tablet for anything, anyway.
  • "And the fact that Wifi is pretty much everywhere." Like when my kids use it in the car on a long drive? It needs to have either an SD card slot or a cellular radio.
  • I think that most people who will own this tablet will have a cellular radio. I always have my GNex on me. It has hotspot capability. IF I need to access the cloud I'll use that. Consequently I don't think WiFi only is that big a deal anyway. As for the storage, My GNex has 32GB of storage. I'm using only 10. Why? Since Google Music became available, I keep most of my music in the cloud. It works well.
  • "And the fact that Wifi is pretty much everywhere. And anywhere it's not, you're not likely going to be using a tablet for anything, anyway." This is so patently untrue. For many people, like me, who live in a rural area where high speed broadband internet is not available, WIFI is not a viable option unless it's via a hotspot on a phone. Cloud based options are out of the question 90% of the time because on dial-up and satellite internet the speeds/bandwidth are just not there for uploading and downloading tons of content - and that's where a memory card slot become super important. And what, just because you're not in an area where WIFI is available 27-7 means you have no use for a tablet? Huh?? Is there air on your planet? So what you're saying is people who live in rural areas or work in places with no WIFI access have no reason to read books, listen to music, watch movies, or download games & apps? Unreal.
  • You know, local storage is even MORE easy and efficient to use than the cloud because you don't have to upload and download your files every minute you want to use them and wasting battery life.
  • Did your mommy not hug you enough when you were a baby?
  • I completely agree, I don't want to rely on wifi for my content. dealbreaker, sorry Google I was totally ready to pull the trigger on this tablet. I would pay 300 dollars for this tablet if it had 32gb of onboard storage with a microSD slot.
  • Where the hell do you live that you don't have nearly constant access to Wifi?
  • Traveling for work, on an airplane where you can't stream video, my office which is a secure site and only approved work devices can connect, driving across the state, on vacation in a remote spot, camping, spending the weekend at the cabin, sitting at an airport where I don't want to pay for wifi for an hour before my flight leaves, my gym which has no wifi I need to continue? There are plenty of places without WIFI where people often are. I get that the cloud is all "gee whiz cool great happy happy joy joy" for many people, but it's not available 24/7 in all locations. Plenty of places where you aren't on WIFI and will be depending on storage or using up gigs on your data plan where it may also stutter. Just cause some people on here have it 24/7 doesn't mean everyone does. WHy is this so hard to get or understand? And why does the desire for greater storage always result in these stupid arguments with people saying, "ZOMG, WIFI is EVERYWHERE, CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD".
  • If you have a 4G device you can use the hot spot app to connect your tablet on the go. Most people will always have their phone on them anyway and it's easy to connect that way. If you're as rural as some are saying then I don't see how it matters anyway. If there is no 4G where your at then you can't really use a device on the go. I wouldn't dare try to use a device like this under 3G connection speeds. It simply wouldn't be worth it. Oh and data can be pinned to the devices SD card. So say you pay the $3.99 to rent a movie on Google play while your at the airport. You can download it to your device with the pin feature and play it offline while doing whatever you are doing away from a connection to the WWW. My point is if you are carrying a 4G device with hot spot ability with you at all times it doesn't matter if the tablet is 4G or wifi only.
  • Tether it with your Nexus phone... you have one of those, right?!
  • That's what Foxfi is for...
  • I'm not concern. On my galaxy nexus people complained about the same thing bitterly. I still have 28 gigs of space on it. I don't feel the need to unload every single MP3 I have ever owned nor care to listen to more than once onto my devices. I don't feel the need to use EVERY single one of my mobile devices like a storage closet each having the same set of identical files as the next one. I can hold several 720p movies on the device, more than enough for a 12 hour flight. I probably don't even need to put any mp3s on it because I will just play it from my galaxy nexus and stream it onto the nexus 7. And come on people, this is a $199 device. I would think that having a gps on it unlike other $199 device would be a bigger deal. I also would like a 3rd bedroom and an ensuite master bath but I ain't paying an extra $100k for one.
  • A phone is a completely different animal than a tablet. For a phone, I can understand the limited storage. For ab tablet, a device design for media consumption? No. That's why I passed on the Kindle Fire and went for the Nook Color; it has an SD card slot. It cool that some people don't need the storage. I'm happy for them. But I need it for the times where I can't connect to my cloud storage solutions. I have my phone for GPS.
  • But we don't know how much space will be FREE on this device. And this device will *NEVER* have 28 GB of free storage, because even the largest model is only 16GB! I don't think this is a valid comparison at all. And why do you think it would have cost them more than a few dollars to have added an SD slot on the side? It wouldn't have...
  • Yeah, they could have added an SD slot... and then all the tards would come out. "My 32Gb No-Name Micro SD I bought on eBay for 98c isn't working right. This tablet is a POS."
  • Folks who use the term Tards are Douche-nozzles.
  • For about $3 shipped total you can buy usb adapter and a microsd card reader. They work. And you can also use an external hard drive if you want to bring terabytes to the tablet.
  • Or you could buy a tablet with more space, or a tablet that has a micro-sd slot and not carry extra gear. As someone who does quite a bit of traveling (both for business and personal), the last thing you want to cart around with you is extra crap. This is fine for the person sitting at home who can stream whatever they need over WIFI, but not for someone who wants to bring a wide selection of things with them when WIFI isn't available (which is still a lot of places in the world).
  • Why wouldn't navigation work, given that Maps just got updated for offline maps?
  • AFAIK it needs a data connection to get the actual routing info. I went to Toronto a couple of weeks ago and pre-loaded the maps using the Labs feature which is now standard. I wanted to see how far I was from my next way point, but because I was offline data wise (due to insanely expensive data roaming rates), it couldn't get driving directions. When I pitted at a OnRoute station with wifi, it was able to load up the routing and take me the rest of the way until we had to bail off for a traffic jam and we thus back to just having the cached map with no Nav routing. I used to use a Garmin for this trip and for situations without data access, it's a better solution than the phone.
  • "* Webcam and mike for video chat" I got just one question for you...... who the hell is mike?
  • Hahah that is awesome!!!
  • "I've seen more ignorance than a meeting of midgets discussing what's on top of the refrigerator."
    Thanks for the lulz! I almost spit my coffee all over my keyboard and monitor when I read that :D Sorry to burst your bubble, but lack of an SD slot IS a deal-breaker. The main place I would use a tablet is on my 1+ hour train ride that makes up my commute twice a day. Tether you say? Yeah right. Data hovers between horrible and non-existent on my ride. I can't even reliably stream Play Music or Pandora, much less YouTube or Netflix or anything else from "the cloud." Calling people ignorant whiners because one feature that they require is not present is just, well, ignorant.
  • 1+ Hours? That's it? You mean to tell me that with 16GB of storage (which will probably be roughly 14GB free) you can't load up an hours worth of music on your device? Or that its not enough room for 1-2 movies that can easily last you the whole train ride?
    Give me a break. This guy was totally right about all these babies whining about the lack of microSD.
    Guess what, I happen to be a person who almost didn't order the 16GB N7 due to a lack of microSD, and I also live in a very rural area in Indiana and there are not any wifi areas around. But guess what, I gave it some very simple thought, considered all the reason I would use this tablet, and decided the 8GB simply would not be very feasible since it wouldnt be able to hold my entire music collection which is about 9GB, and went for the 16GB option. Guess what else, I also have a rooted Thunderbolt that has its 8GB of internal storage + a 32GB microSD card, as well as around 8GB of Dropbox storage + 5GB Google drive, as well as 50GB from! The only people that complain and cry about not having a microSD card are people who are too ignorant to know how to properly manage all of their media and data. It's just that simple. I also would have gladly paid more for a 32GB Nexus 7, and at that point, for 32GB, that lack of microSD would not have been any issue whatsoever. Especially when it comes to movies, why would anyone need to be able to store every movie they have on their device? People typically only watch a movie once or twice and then go weeks or months without watching it again, so at any given time you shouldnt need to have more than 4-5 movies on your device, and thats on the maximum end. Learn to manage your data and content better, and stop whining and doing yourself a disservice for foolishly choosing not to have the latest and greatest from Google all because of one minor unnecessary feature. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be laughing at those of you who chose a Nook over a Nexus 7 just because of a damn microSD slot.
  • Just because it's a big seller doesn't make it right for me.
  • Have you heard of an SD card on the latest Nexus phones, no.
  • Which is why I have an EVO LTE
  • i had my wallet out rdy to hit the link to pre-order... luckily i seen this vid 1st.. i figured an sd card slot wouldve been standard... guess not =/
  • I would jump on this device if it had the MicroSD slot and dump the Tab 2 that i just bought. However, one of the main uses of this tablet will be for my kids when we travel to watch movies. While the 16GB "may" suffice, i'd rather have the Tab 2 which has an additional 32GB thanks to the $20 microSD card i've added. I'd have no problem paying more for the Nexus tablet if they added the microSD slot.
  • Phil, does the Nexus have a build in microphone ? The Kindle doesn't.
  • I think the nexus 7 has one, else the video chat via Google Hangout and voice typing would be useless on that thing, right?
  • Yes, built in mic and front facing camera
  • Yes, it does. Tough to do video chat without it.
  • And GPS and bluetooth. Kindle does not.
  • I've had an 8 GB card on my original Droid Inc and I haven't used up more than half in over a year. This is set up to work with Google Play, which is cloud based, so I think I'll go for the 8 GB tablet.
  • I watch movies or listen to music while I fly for work (not frequently, but on a regular schedule.) HD video (1280x720) takes up approximately 750-1000 MB per hour, depending on a number of factors. At most, this MIGHT get me through a season of TV (if I have no music, and depending on the show.) Hotel wifi is typically crappy and expensive, so no streaming for me there. I'm sure it was left out as a cost-cutting measure, but the option would have been nice. Edit:
    a good point presented by mikesmith, below:
    "From another site re:no SD slot: "The price point is great. It does not have an SD slot, but ICS support USB host mode. You can always hook up a hard drive to it for extra storage. They sell micro usb to usb adapters. If you buy a thumb drive and the adapter, you will have plenty of extra storage. It will not be as pretty as having a microsd slot, but it will not take up too much space either. For $200 you cannot complain.""
  • Now that is a viable option. Mostly I want the extra space for music and movies because cloud streaming is useless without wifi or good 3G tethering.
  • Great idea, with a thumb drive = perfection!
  • That's the solution! Awesome. I've just started looking into USB OTG/Hosting. Hopefully others with see your comment.
  • This is not the solution, the Nexus 7 doesnt not currently support MHL, nor does it support mountable storage like a flash drive over OTG. OTG only works for connecting things like mice and keyboards to the tablet.
  • Will it be possible to buy Nexus 7 tablet from other online/local retailers?
    (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Target, etc........) I have several hundred dollars of Amazon and Best Buy gift cards. Haven't
    found a use for it yet since last Christmas.... would be nice to use those
    unused gift cards for a couple of Nexus 7 tablets and give them out as
    birthday gifts. :)
  • 1) No SD card in the thing is a MAJOR bummer and will ruin the device for several uses I had in mind. Still might get one for my Mom. Me? I will keep using my Nexus Xoom :) 2) "8GB/16GB ROM" It is not "ROM" it is "Storage" 3) Keep in mind that most "16GB" ICS devices have only 9 or so GB of storage left available to the user. So how much is that available on a device that only starts out with 8? 4) Really? 16GB storage max with no card slot??? See #3 above. 5) 25% more price for just 8GB more storage? Hmm. If it had a slot, you could add *32* more for less money.
  • you got a couple facts wrong dude. one specially. the galaxy nexus comes with a total of 14+/13+gb free space of the 16GB.(on vanilla ICS) the verizon or w/e bloated Gnex versions are not vanilla.
  • The Verizon ones are if you are running a custom ROM :)
  • The Verizon ones are if you are running a custom ROM :)
  • To your 3, Most devices arent Nexus devices, so they have a ton of content pre-loaded. 16gb Galaxy Nexus came with 13.33gb usable storage. And mine has just about everything I need installed on it and i still have 9.4gb remaining.
  • 1. What's a nexus xoom? Is that something new?
    3. Galaxy Nexus 16GB has 13.3GB left before you start adding apps, media, etc.
    4. Kindle Fire has the same 8/16gb with no sd card slot either. That one seems to fly off the shelf.
  • The Nexus Xoom was the first Nexus tablet, the first device with Honeycomb, and the first Google reference tablet.
  • I don't want to be a prick about correction but it's the Motorola Xoom. It was an "Android Experience Device", not a Nexus.
  • If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck.... it's a duck. There is nothing about the US Xoom WiFi that is NOT a "Nexus", except lacking the logo on it.
  • lmao I understand what your saying but there had to be a reason that google didnt give it the Nexus branding... With what youre saying, all the very first android phones should have been considered Nexi since there was NO carrier or OEM changes to the software...
  • re: storage two words... Host Mode
  • You make me laugh, "Nexus Xoom"...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a loser
  • Phil, Does the 7 work with Google Wallet? Any other NFC apps/features to report from JB?
  • Well, if I can slap Launcher Pro on this and get rid of "My Library," I think I will be asking for this come Christmastime.
  • People use Launcher Pro still? Even on devices running 4.0+? Surprising, it's been horribly outdated for over a year now. Heck, it hasn't been updated in over a year, and it was lagging behind when it was last updated.
  • From another site re:no SD slot: "The price point is great. It does not have an SD slot, but ICS support USB host mode. You can always hook up a hard drive to it for extra storage. They sell micro usb to usb adapters. If you buy a thumb drive and the adapter, you will have plenty of extra storage. It will not be as pretty as having a microsd slot, but it will not take up too much space either. For $200 you cannot complain."
  • I just edited my comment to include yours, because it's a good point. Thanks.
  • Excellent point! Still sucks to have to carry an adapter cable and the card, though. Thanks for sharing >"For $200 you cannot complain." Yes we can, and just did. For $202, it could have had a slot and then this wouldn't be such an issue for people.
  • "but at the same time you can tell Google's found a new purpose with the Nexus S." The Nexus S Phil? Maybe you should get some sleep.
  • So this is basically Google's version of a 7" iPod Touch? I gather Google has no interest for a high end tablet to take a shot at the iPad 2? Welp. You must really gotta love, can't get enough of, be a seasoned ticket holder to the Play Store to drop $200 - $250 on a tablet built specifically around it. This thing is good for one reason; root > flash, the end.
  • Root>flash? Sure, a lot of people will. However, you remove a widget, and bam, clean homescreen, stock Jellybean, no bloat, nothing about the play store being the sole purpose (unlike the fire). Why is the only good this thing is is for flashing?
  • Why would you want to flash it? This isn't some bloatware packed carrier device. The most you'll get out of flashing it is some performance tweaks which may or may not be worth the downsides.
  • Damn, didn't think I would get attacked for suggesting to flash a custom rom. Is it a crime? Is there a patent that the courts are holding against me? All you guys with Nexus branded devices who flash custom roms, SHAME ON YOU! HOW DARE YOU DO SUCH A THING!!! LMFAO.
  • You invited ridicule with such a dismissive statement. "This thing is good for one reason; root > flash, the end." The question is, without having ever used the device, what are you so certain you would gain from flashing a custom rom onto what is essentially the reference device for the next version of the OS? Nobody is saying you can't or even shouldn't flash it. Nobody is saying you are stupid for doing so. Finally, nobody is attacking you. Take a deep breath and chillax with the rest of us.
  • What the heck? It's a rare treat to see such low intellect on the internet. Did you not read any comment above? Nobody was attacking. I was simply stating there was a use case outside of flashing. I will flash mine. Doesn't mean it's a dead product without flashing.
  • Google is doing what everyone expected them to do: forgo shooting for a "halo" device, and instead make a device at a compelling price point that beats everything in its class from a hardware standpoint. I think everyone would have to agree they have done this with the Nexus 7. When you then consider they can use an OS they are likely already familiar with, with all of their services with Google they already use installed before purchase...I think they will sell a bunch of these. I for one will be buying 2 to replace my rooted Kindle Fires specifically because I see no reason to have to root them at all.
  • "everything in it's class" It's only the Kindle Fire, and that's not saying much. It's not like Google can't outmatch them on the hardware forefront, my Gshock is more powerful than the Kindle Fire. What it's gonna come down to is content, and while Google does have the Play Store, it's NOTHING compare to Amazon Appstore. They earn 3x as much more revenue than Play Store. LINK: Now I don't know whats its like today, but im sure Play Store is still not touch Amazon Appstore and I doubt the Nexus 7 will put Google inline with them. Its a good start, probably too late, but good I guess. Now that Google has shown it's cards, and the rumor Kindle Fire 2 is around the corner, it could easily one up the Nexus 7 and still has the great Amazon content library.
  • You can get the latest version of Android, Jellybean, with all the features of a pure Google experience (see the "Nexus" label) on badass hardware and you're going to want to flash something else - what, exactly? CM9?!? - because of a WIDGET?!? Unreal. Please go and buy an iPad. You aren't made for these manly things.
  • :reads... yawns: You're an idiot. Please go buy an iPhone.
  • Phil,
    what about the new search? the 2 most immediate awesome feature of the whole presentation was the project butter and the search really using all that data about you. I said 'immediate' cause those glasses... hehehe! Looking very forward to see my GN popping up a notification for system update. ps.: 8 and 16gb IS enough. microSD card is gone, accept and be happy!
  • No, it is not enough. Some of us don't want everything in "THE CLOUD" and aren't sitting in a WiFi area all the time.
  • It is enough for the majority of users. Sometimes us tech geeks need to take a step back and realize we are not the mainstream consumer.
  • Then it's not for you. I don't understand what people are on about. It's a $200 quad-core tablet running the newest version of Android. People are up in arms like they are charging $500 for the thing and not offering expandable storage. They obviously thought things through when they developed it and didn't just forget MicroSD exists. By the way if you have an external HD like a WD Passport, you can buy a mini usb to micro usb adapter and plug it in and it will work fine. ICS supports it.
  • >"I don't understand what people are on about. It's a $200 quad-core tablet running the newest version of Android." Because it could be a $202 quad-core tablet running the newest version of Android WITH an SD card slot on the side. It is not like it would have cost much to add it and it is a pretty big omission. >"They obviously thought things through when they developed it and didn't just forget MicroSD exists." Yeah, and it was probably omitted for *political* reasons- AKA- try to get more people to use Google's "cloud" stuff. Not because it would cost much.
  • I'd like to see your evidence that shows incorporating an SD card would only cost $2...
  • Then show my your evidence it would be a significant cost. 1) The chipset already supports it. $0 cost
    2) An edge card connector is cheap in that type of volume. $minimal I am guessing a few dollars.
    3) A cutout on the side of the case is just a mold shape. $0 cost
    4) Maybe a fake card piece to store in it when not in use. $0.05 at most This is not rocket science... it is just a little connector with 8 contacts on it. Nor more complex or expensive than a headphone jack.
  • Just stick with your "Nexus" Xoom dude... you have all the ports you need and you will be getting Jelly bean. If thats what makes you happy then be happy...
  • ICS is not a panacea. Using devices through USB Hosting on the Galaxy S3 is a hit or miss affair. I don't know how it will be on this Google devise. Google thought it through and Google wants us to use their cloud. Many places I go wifi is not very good. In part due to Sprint. But $200 is cheap and I won't bemoan lack of mSDHC. "Then it's not for you". True that.
  • Would love to hear how it's Sprints fault that many places you go wifi is not very good.
  • Yes, messed up. Meant wifi is not very good,or reliable, in most places I frequent. Streaming through Sprint's 4G often results in buffering and this is disconcerting while trying to listen to music.
  • If he's tethering from his phone over WiFi, it's not very good. Semantics Nazi FTW!
  • Then don't get it. These are not the Tablets you are looking for. I'm just happy they have something that is decent and will sell greatly. Does it do everything for the UberGeek that some of us are?..NO! I can live with that. For many people with android phones, seeing a Pure Android tab at a good price is a no Brainer. If this is too little for you just pass. Someone else will be glad to take one for you.
  • So this has NFC and can beam larger files by triggering bluetooth. Seems that if I am desperate for large video files etc when out of cloud contact, I can always transfer some more content from my micro sd enabled phone to the tablet if I want a bigger screen. I assume wi-fi direct is a possibility too. Trying to decide between the 8GB and 16GB models.
  • so, is landscape supported on the homescreen?
  • It had a screen lock control, so I assume so. It would be good to see it in landscape though, as I haven't encountered a hands on yet that shows it that way.
  • Yes, this! I know it's probably not the most asked-for thing to see, but I'm really curious if it can go landscape on the homescreen (which seems likely considering there is the screen orientation lock), and if it can, how it looks.
  • i have the google io white one, and the nexus 7 wont rotate to landscape when its on the home screen. when it does rotate, its the exact same as in portrait(just wider) although when its in landscape mode, the notification drawer pulls downwards (like usual) however, it doesnt take up the whole 1280 pixels. instead, the notification drawer takes up like 480 pixels? (less than half) and its orientated on the left side of the screen (not centered, but instead to the left) If you have ever used the pulldown bar on an ipad, its just like that size, but its on the left rather than beign centered. sorry if this description is confusing. i havent unboxed my white one, and i am basing off of the demo one i played with today
  • Yummy like butter... you better watch that one or your next reviews will be from the hotel gym. Back to serious land can you guys show some more notifications kind of curious to how detailed they are now that they have changed that part.
  • 8GB is pretty small.. and stil no micro SD. it would have been fine with 16Gb. but 8?
  • And the question is- how much of that 8 is available? 6? 4???
  • 5.92 available out of the box on my Google io version.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but the thing doesn't have HDMI out either, correct? All that Tegra 3 power, a multitude of gamepad options, and no way to output it to a bigger screen? Bummer. This was going to be my dedicated gaming tablet. Not anymore. -Suntan
  • So you're sure this doesn't support an MHL adapter?
  • It doesn't list 'video out' under Nexus 7 as it does for the Galaxy Nexus which supports MHL...
  • Hey Suntan!
    How's it Hanging! Just get one of those Micro to USB to MHL to HDMI cables! :-)
  • That's what the Nexus Q is for. A little expensive for $300, but looks pretty nice.
  • This doesn't have GPS? Disappointing if it doesn't.
  • It does have GPS
  • Stats list GPS.
  • I'm commenting finally from non beta chrome. Nexus tablet looks great pick me! This blog rocks.
  • Can someone give me an idea of how well it sounds? I often share content with friends, and most 7" tablets have the speakers on one side. The result is a one-sided and sideways soundfield instead of a stereo image (left/right) that matches what's going on in a movie or video.
  • Phil... very cool device for sure and definitely want to get one.. An observation I'd like to make though.. As a film and media producer I would advise that when shooting a device with a glass screen like this you might close the curtains to eliminate the bad glare. Also, your camera man had tons of difficulty keeping the device in focus, which for someone like me, is maddening and not professional. Yes, I realize it was done on the fly but this IS Android Central with a ton of people reading it daily, so why not be as professional as possible? If this offends, so be it, but the out of focus and other issues really take away from the experience.
  • The impromptu nature of this video is to blame for a lot of the technical snafus and the camera person should've motioned to Phil to swing back away from the window. The focus was spot on....for the curtains! The camera's auto-focus was fooled by shooting into the mirrored surface and thus targeted the guy's watch and whatnot. It's like how if you try to shoot through a window screen and the damn camera focuses on that and not the scene outside. I once couldn't take a shot of a sunset because there's no manual focus on my GS2.
  • Phil, Do you know about MHL support?
    Because that will be a big lose
  • This is a slick device and a great step for google in the tablet wars.. it may not beat the ipad (nor should it) but it will have enough fans that it wont have to!
  • No microSD slot is an epic fail as far as I am concerned. I was ready to pre-order to support Android but there is no way I'd buy one now.
  • I feel that if your complaining about storage, or cloud, or some other relatively small thing, you're not the target market for this device. Sure it has awesome specs that we can all get excited about, but this is segmented for a specific niche. And the people that fit into that niche will buy it.
  • I thought everyone at I/O got whites ones? or was that just a rumor?
  • What no rear camera!
  • This... IS A NEXUS!
  • Complete failure. 8 or 16 GB of int storage with no sd card. What the hell good is it. This is a tablet, you DL stuff on it so you can watch later when you have no signal. For a lousy few bucks they ruined an otherwise descent piece of hardware. Who thinks of these designs. Simple, they want you to BUY their media from the cloud experience to put money into Google's pocket. I will not fall into that trap. I have Movies I like to install on my phone or Tablet. Can live without rear camera, never use it anyway but no storage is a no buy for me. That is a huge let down. Just blows me away how little these guys who review these things play it down like it is nothing. That tells me they are just pushing the product or don't know better. This is a not thought out product that will NOT sell.
  • As I've noted repeatedly, the iPad doesn't have an SD slot and it's managing to sell OK without it. I never thought Android users could possibly match the sheer childish whining level of the iHerds, but now I know what causes five-alarm butthurt with matching shrieking sounds. Pathetic. Upload your precious movies to Dropbox or Drive or Box or load them at home. No need to buy anything from anyone. At ~700MB per movie or ~350MB per 44-minute TV episode, just how freaking many movies and shows do you need at once to be available?
  • Just meeting the level of an iPad is certainly not good enough for many people. It isn't for me, and that is why I don't own one. Dropbox doesn't work unless you have access to WiFi, and it is open to you, and you have the bandwidth available.
  • Understand, and respect both sides on the microSD issue, both are correct depending on how the user wants to store media / use their device. You commented that iPad sells well without the card, and that is certainly true. However, the iPad is heavily advertised in the mainstream media with excellent advertisements. On the way to downtown Boston everyday on the bus, I pass about a dozen iPad ads ranging from illuminated end panels of bus waiting areas to dual 12' x 16' advertisements on the side of a building which greets every metro-West commuter on their way in, and out of Boston. At least two weeks a month, we are saturated with iPad ads on network TV, sometimes two in the same show. For contrast, I see zero ads for Android tablets, or any other platform on the way downtown every day, and have not seen an Android tablet commercial on network TV in at least 6 months. Add in all the free mentions the iPad gets in the mainstream media along with the most popular talk show host being an avid Apple fan, and you have a marketing juggernaut. The one metric the iPad may fail in is % of market share vs. % of mainstream advertising at least judging by the Boston area. Apple has the majority of the tablet market no doubt, yet do the ultra majority of mainstream advertising for tablets. Last data I saw is Apple has somewhere around 75% of the market, yet 90 to 95% of the mainstream advertising I see for tablets is for the iPad. The mainstream non-tech consumer (who are the majority of tablet owners) only see ads for the iPad in the media they regularly view, they will buy it with, or without SD support. Android did not start its meteoric rise to outsell the iPhone until heavy mainstream Droid advertising, hopefully Android tablet manufacturers will do the same.
  • I find it highly strange that Google is using the phone setting for the ui instead of a tablet ui that ICS and Jellybean are capable of like on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. It really smacks of hypocrisy based on their position of manufacturers using Gingerbread with it's phone ui in the past and so many of those tablets not even getting Android Market support because they didn't approve of it and now they go and use their Jellybean update on a 7" tablet in exactly the same I know they would like it to be used almost exclusively in portrait mode, but their tablet ui is perfectly capable of doing an even better job on a 7" tablet, as demonstrated by other manufacturers. Overall good specs except the storage space, which I can imagine is really not very expensive these days. Even putting in a minimum of 32GB should have been capable on a tight budget. Of course there is cloud storage with Google Drive and others, but I do not like to be connected to the internet all the time, as it drains battery life quickly and on the UK's Three network, it is not reliable or fast enough for smooth and fast usage. Not to mention that this is wifi only, so no good outside the house or office for cloud usage. I don't support the non-use of a micro-sd card slot, as it would probably cost them less than a dollar to include it and I did not buy the Galaxy Nexus because of that and instead have my Samsung Galaxy Note, which I am very happy with. I'd rather buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 16GB, which is the same price as the Nexus 7 16GB at £199.
  • I watched the Android fireside chat and Dianne Hackborn (I believe) confirmed that on larger tablets Jellybean still uses the system bar ("tablet UI").
  • Is it 1.2 Ghz. or 1.3 Ghz? I've seen in some sites that it is 1.3...
  • Anyone know if the bt in this has APT-X support. It would be real nice if it did.
  • I was one of the few disappointed with Micro SD, but I am not saying this is a bad tablet. It's a great tablet but I am not connected to the internet 24/7 and I sorta have my own content I like to use... I have about 12 gigs of music and 10 gigs of shows lol. I got a G Tab 2 for this reason, it's $250 but it provides me with 8 gigs of space AND a micro SD slot. It also has two cameras, which is important just cause I never know when I might need it. I considered buying one but offline media is very important and to me the only reason to get a tablet, if not I would get an ultrabook because they supply me with nearly the same portability and amazing battery life and a lot more productivity. If you want a tablet to watch online content this is great, but then again there are hundreds of devices that do what tablets do online. Vita does Youtube, Netflix and games. Google TV does Netflix and YouTube for home use and then computers if you really need anything done, and don't forget about laptops which is still a very popular choice in electronics. Overall, Google has done something great for consumers, it's nice to introduce people to Google services and maybe a more powerful tablet but I honestly think this was just sorta to feed their new Google Play store. Nexus Q and Google Magazines and TV all concurrently launched with the Nexus 7 so it's real obvious Google just really wants more of your money.
  • I have to say there is just no pleasing people in this world. Maybe its because i come from nothing that ive learned value and appreciation for what you DO have not the focus on what you dont. That being said let me make a few things clear. First this post is not meant to offend anyone or troll in any capacity it's just an opinon from a guy just like the rest of you. And two as consumers i feel that sometimes not always but sometimes its easy to forget how well we have it. I think alot of you are missing the point of the Nexus 7 its a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire. Given that FACT i think that the went FAAAAAAAAAR beyond what they needed to to appease guys like us. I live by Sd card slots trust me i get it. Not always connected to wifi so "the cloud" is not ALWAYS available i agree 100% its something to seriously consider when making this purchase but come on guys it starts at 200 bucks. Use your logic it can do almost everything a Transformer Prime can do (not including the keyboard dock of course) some things BETTER give Android 4.1's new features and it's 300 dollars LESS with ONE trade off. Now granted that trade off is HUGE for some people and to you I say this cause IMHO this is where the problem lies. If this is NOT the device for YOU thats fine keep it moving pray for the 10inch version with and SD slot but dont CONDEM a great product at an amazing price point from a company that youd like to support or are already supporting simply because its not right for YOU! Im typing this on an ipad, i cant stand apple (hate is a strong word) or anything they stand for but you know what? My girlfriend LOVES this thing it worked out great for her and i knew it would. Perfection is not achieved over night android has acomplished a hell of alot in its relativley short lifespan and it keeps getting better and better. It may never be perfect but some of the comments here have such an heir of entitlement or hatred because a product intended for possibly millions of people wasnt EXACTLY what YOU wanted it to be is kinda sad on some levels. Im not trying to change anyones opinion of whats right for them i'm just asking for an attitude evaluation. Google doesnt owe us anything and none of us HAVE to use any google services or purchase any google products it's ALL OPT IN! I personally after seeing what microsoft is bringing to the table this year was a little deflated about this years I/O but i saw some many positive and innovative things to look forward to from google i just find it hard to be so negative toward one certain thing. Oh and for the record i wish it had a damn SD card slot too lol so i havent decided if im going to get it or not. Its moreso because im a 10 inch screen kinda guy but hey we'll see. So thats my piece im not better than anyone i dont think im right and your wrong. I just want to put some food for thought out there cause for as much as I hate (oops....oh well) iClones they SUPPORT the hell out of theyre platform which intern grows the user base and blah blah blah you get the point. Am i saying buy something thats notnfor you? No. Im just saying as an Android Community lets be a little less negative and put the same energies into the good things and things we DO love about android and the products that ARE right for YOU. -FIN-
  • Well Said. People seem to think a device has to be built to "Their" specifications.. Not the average consumers.. This is an excellent device for the price and will fit the needs of many ( Myself & the Wife included ) for what? $400 bucks for two? saves energy not having to use the computers and much nicer to look at than our 4.3 inch phones if we want to use the devices in the backyard or in bed.. Their is no one device that is perfect for everyone.. But this gives us a *choice* for our $199.00 / $249.00 and that's always a good thing !
  • The only thing more annoying than someone whinging about a product that doesn't meet their needs is someone whinging about how people should give a product that doesn't meet their needs "a fair chance." In short, stop telling us how to feel about anything. ...And yeah, you're post was meant to offend people. People that don't think the way you think, which you go on at length describing how having an opinion different than yours is wrong. But then, you'll just think I'm being wrong right now. That I'm not understanding you and that I'm being childish. You'll probably feel a desire to tell me how I'm being wrong and how I can be right by just agreeing with you... -Suntan
  • I wish some people could express how they felt on the internet without others jumping down their throat...Cant wait to get my Nexus 7 :-)
  • +1 The rage from displeased users kind of puts me in a bad mood when reading the comments at times. We can't stop them from saying what they want, but I wish they can turn the negative volume down a bit so that the website can serve its purpose: introduce new devices and ideas from Google without having to please others.
  • Is there anything stopping one from removing the "My Library" widget from the home screen (like any other widget) or is it stuck there? Just curious - it's in every single review so far and everybody talks about how its the "focus" of the device but I don't see myself ever using it.
  • Dude this tablet is virtually everything I have been waiting for Google to put out. Beautiful design and definitely some awesome features. Definitely pre-ordering Friday. Anyone think there will be any left if I wait til' Friday?
  • They dont charge until its shipped so order NOW! lol
  • no SD card slot is a big let down but all the other upsides are a win tegra 3 nexus so on and so fourth this thing will have so much support and roms also cloud apps are becoming so
    common that sd cards are going to be a thing of the past and google knows it.This tablet is very exciting its the beginning of the end of over priced itablets.
  • I have the Tab 2 7., and kind of like it. I like the video capture from the rear camera for a quick movie on the fly and also like the SD slot. Resolution is a little pasty but acceptable. I bought it at Costco (90 day return)and can return it and get the Nexus 7 16GB for the same price if I choose. I use my Tab pretty much as an entertainment device, love the News Apps, Flipboard, Current, Taptu. Use Netflix and Hulu+, weather widgets, read e-books through the Barns & Noble App and Cool Reader, and like me some Torrent Videos, some 1.4 gigs, but I try to grab the lower resolution 700 MBs when I can. Not a big gamer, but I have been disappointed when the Tegra3 games I have tried lock up the Tab 2. A few worries about the Nexus 7 - if anyone has thoughts or concrete answers, I'd much appreciate it. A. Will the Amazon .apk load up? B. Will Hulu+ work on it? (I just finally got the updated App to work on my Tab 2 last night and hate to give that up) C. My upload speeds with Time Warner bite. When I have tried to load even a 700 MB movie to Google Drive it dragged and dragged forever - with this in mind, will the Nexus be a loser for me in this department? Sure, the cloud sounds good, but loading up a SD card is so fast and easy... D. I do not and will not become a "trapped" with my VISA card prisoner to Google Play (like Amazon has done to Fire owners/sheep). I need to still be able to use my torrent, collected e-books, music and movies and the Cloud scares me for its slowness. I'm fine with x-ferring via the mini-USB and if need be the mini-USB-thumb drive option around the house as an external device. So, do I go for the hardware screamer or stick with the slow and steady wins the race (sorta, most of the time, maybe...) Tab 2 7.0?
  • So many complaints about a $199 tablet... :(
  • So many people with the belief that low cost automatically equals good value... :( -Suntan
  • Never said it was a good value... Nice try though. :(
  • Agreed....but thats not what everyone is saying... 10 positive and one negative is all everyone is saying. Bu t I understand that negative is important for you so my best advice is either wait for the next big thing or get a tablet that has that sd card support. As long as you are happy man thats al that matters..
  • I was really excited for this, but I'd feel like a hypocrite buying it, and I already do a bit with my Galaxy Nexus. I've criticized Apple for not including an SD card slot on their phones/tablets, yet the GN doesn't have one either. I've criticized Apple for over charging for increased storage, yet here Google wants an extra $50 for 8gb more of storage space. I see Google doing these things and it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
  • How much do you you think they should have charged, considering they cut corners on pricing for all of the other hardware features of the device? (Not being rude I just wanted a honest answer)
  • I think the key difference is this. If you want an Android tablet with a microSD card slot you can get one. It won't be this one, but it will be another one. The problem with Apple is that they really give you no choice.
  • Can we have a photo of it in landscape?
  • While you are there go ahead and hit "add to cart" get the $25 discount before it is gone.
  • I am going to get rid of my Transformer for this! I have decided that the 7inch tablet is the way to go! Its portable, light and feels more like what I need than a 10.1 inch, especially with a bezel like this. Why cant we get a bezel like on the Galaxy Nexus? -Mike of Guy4Tech
  • Seriously? This is one of the worst videos I've ever seen. The lighting is horrible. You're trying to show off the device in front of a bright window. I can see the videographer in the tablet. The focus is horrible. The zooming in-and-out is really bad. You mumble through half of the video. And the camera work is shaky. Seriously. I like this site, and I visit every single day, but it's becoming increasingly unprofessional. Just not good. Like, at all.
  • Phil, Is there a separate partition for apps on this tablet or is there just one block of internal storage for us to use however we want? You said in the review that there is about 6GB free on the 8GB version. Do you know how much space is free initially on the 16GB one? Thanks.
  • My next tablet
  • I know how some of you feel about the SD card but it has been in several articles that Google wants to eliminate the SD card...there haven't been any on the Nexus phones. I do feel your pain and they should have at least opted for more internal storage at least.
  • Still not enough to make me put down my SGT-P1000 and buy it, Only the Galaxy Note 10.1 comes close.
  • I still wonder why they did this to the tablet - a giant phone a la iPad?!
    What a step backwards!
    I hope that's not coming to 10" tablets as I'll not be getting this UI on ANY TABLET.
  • Didn't we find out on Honey Comb that if you lower the screen res it defaults to the old UI. It is possible that ICS/JellyBean have the same settings. The Phone/miniTab/Tablet or large screen size have different layouts. This makes a bit of sense in the way the Motorola Razr works with webtop 3.0. When you plug it into the TV or a larger screen the tablet style (mode) kicks in.
    I don't like the narrow notification bar, I like it edge to edge my self. Also I actually like the tablet mode on my phone, al-la CM7 tablet mode. With the notification bar at bottom and swiping up to open it. Do that Google. Flip the script. Put the notification bar on bottom, swipe up! It's amazingly easy and intuitive when you try it! And we'll see how long till Apple copies it.
  • If I can wifi films from my PC to this and it can play Divx, Xvid, MP4 & MKV I buy one. Not interested in paying for content.
  • I just want to know how good the speaker is. I am glad users are complaining about what it does not have. I will use SVTP app on my Galaxy Nexus to use my Nexus 7 when I am not in an area with wifi. I want a car dock and a desktop dock.
  • If Google really want to beat Amazon, they have to push their movies,music and books part og Google Play to more countries!
  • I'm seriously thinking of selling my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer/Dock so I can buy one of these.....
  • Look, there is no 1 perfect tablet to fit everyones needs. If you need a microSD card slot because you don't know how to use cloud storage, or you find it's not convient for you, then buy another tablet, but to bash this device simpley because it does not fit your needs is dumb. Google knows who they are targeting with this device, and honestly, it's not the super user community some of us are. I own an origianl Galaxy Tab, I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Asus TF300, and when the Asus Infinity comes out, I will buy that, and I will be buying this device since it will be running Jelly Bean and will get updates superfast. I also owned a iPad 2 and it was not for me. There are tons of options out there if your in the market for a tablet, and that's why I love Android, they make something for everone, and at this low price point, you will find it difficult to beat this tablet. You can buy a microUSB to USB adapter for $2 and then connect to your external hardrive or USB stick.
  • I've been so lost as to whats going on....until I checked out a tech news feed....the Nexus 7 tablet!!!!! two words....."Can't Wait"
  • So is this tablet as restricted as the Kindle Fire in terms of how you get apps? Or will I be able to do anything with it that I could do with my phone? I haven't heard of any restrictions on how you can use the Jelly Bean OS, so I doubt it. Anyone know otherwise?
  • Full android experience. You can see details straight from google in the play store.
  • Google ain't gonna add an SD slot, after constantly trying to get phone manufacturers to remove it from their new devices. .... DOH, SD slots slow down the device, period.
  • Seriously why in non of these review don't any of them show what it looks like in landscape!?! if my xoom has those buttons in the center on land scape im gonna hate it!
  • You will hate it then. See it in landscape here
  • Wow.. great price, clever mix of features. My kindle Fire is in trouble, and my IPad2 remains irrelevant...
    Android 4.1, offline speech-to-text, right size to use anywhere.. sigh , there goes another $250.:-)
  • Anyone else dismayed that they are reverting back to phone UI for tablets?!?! Personally, I really like the tablet UI introduced for honeycomb. Additionally, I think the phone UI on a tablet looks ugly - as well as being less function. MHO
  • Phone UI works better on 7" tablets than tablet UI.
  • I agree, i cant understand this and dont feel screen size is a valid argument, look at all the there anyway around this, will a custom rom or something similar allow it to have the tablet UI?
  • At this point, its pretty obvious to me that Google needs retail stores or a presence at a store like Best Buy, staffed by Google. There, they can provide sales & support for their increasingly large lineup of products (so far we have what.. phones, tablets, netbooks, nettops, speakers, and TV companions?). Along with providing info and showing consumers how the products are meant to be used.
  • Lack of expandable memory is a deal killer for me. I use my tablets away from the internet a lot. It's my GoTo media consumption device when I travel. So I have a microSD card loaded with movies and TV shows as well as a library of books and games. 16GB is possible for an entry level device. I can see myself buying this for my nieces or nephews. I'd rather stick with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which gives me a MicroSD card slot and rear-facing camera. Basically, only thing Google is bringing to the table is the Nexus experience on a tablet with the latest version of the OS. This tablet inherits most of the problems the Fire has (and the same problems the iPad1 had). Nice first attempt Google, but you really need to up the specs next time. Give us expandable memory and that rear facing camera. (The camera is good for videoconferencing and augmented reality, two things a tablet is good for.)
  • What is the deal with it running the phone OS UI and not the tablet OS UI?!?! Does anyone know the answer this is really irking me. Also, this will be my first android tablet, aside from my hp touchpad with cm9 ICS, is there someway to install a different rom or something that will have it use the tablet OS interface or is it some issue with how the N7 identifies itself to the OS. Anyone with some knowledge please share because im stuck on this.
  • This is cool for people that want this kind of device. I'm definitely looking to replace my Xoom with a 10-incher though. Maybe the Asus Infinity?
  • Phil, is that a Mac book on your desk!?!? :)
  • Phil, is that a Mac book on your desk!?!? :)
  • Does anyone know if the Nexus 7 supports USB OTG(On The Go)? If so it may a work-around for the folks bummed about the lack of an SD-card slot. If it has USB OTG all you need is an OTG cable - about 4 bucks on Amazon and you can connect USB Flash drives, Memory card readers mice, keyboards, etc. I believe OTG is a software feature, not a hardware spec, so if not currently present might be enabled at some point. I'v heard some of the high-end Samsung devices - specifically the Galaxy note have it.
  • Really hoping for it to be available in Portugal.
  • The whole thing about not being able to upgrade the memory got me wondering about the battery and I called google play to ask and found out that the battery in the Nexus 7 is sealed and cannot be replaced by the user. Since there is only a 1 year warranty if the battery dies after 1 year I guess we are just stuck with a brick?
    Or if the battery can be replaced who would do it if so how much is that going to set us back?