The new Google Meet tile view is coming to Android at the end of March

Google Meet Tile View
Google Meet Tile View (Image credit: Google)

Update, March 15 (12:00 pm ET): Google has confirmed the update will be coming in March.

What you need to know

  • A new tile view is rolling out for the mobile version of Google Meet.
  • The new layout will allow users to fit more people into view on a video call.
  • iOS users are getting the updated layout first, followed by Android "soon."

Earlier this month, Google announced some changes it was making to its workspace apps to improve work-from-home productivity. One of those updates was for Google Meet, with new features like a native second screen experience to better navigate video conferences with multiple devices like the best smart displays. Another update that was introduced was a new layout for mobile devices that should make larger video chats better.

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The new tile view for Google Meet allows users to fit more people into a video chat, up to eight people, while presenting a cleaner look. Each tile includes the person's name and an icon to indicate when that person is speaking. Google also highlights split-screen and picture-in-picture support in Google Meet, allowing your meeting to continue uninterrupted while tending to other on-device matters. Background support is also coming, along with in-app Q&A and polls.

According to Google, the new tile experience is rolling out to iOS users first, while Android devices will receive the update "soon." Until then, it might be worth sticking to your PC or one of the best Chromebooks for your virtual meetings, especially if there's a large group involved. We can also help you figure out how to change your background on Google Meet if you're using the desktop client.

Update, March 15 (12:00 pm ET) — Google has shared more details about the Meet update

Google today shared more of what to expect with its new update. We now know that the Android phones will be able to see up to 8 callers at once. The company says iPads will have up to 48 tiles visible, but it's not clear whether devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will have the same accomodations. Android users are to expect it to land at the end of March, while the iOS rollout remains ongoing.

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