Google Maps highlights how you can find eco-friendly businesses

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What you need to know

  • Google Maps will now let businesses list the items that they recycle.
  • Google also highlights the list feature in Maps so that users can keep track of eco-friendly places.
  • Users can also make edit suggestions for businesses to let others know about their eco-friendly practices.

Earth Day is upon us, and Google is pointing out ways that Maps can help everyone stay. Google Maps on Android Auto already helps eco-friendly drivers of select EVs to efficiently map their routes with charging stations along the way. Today, Google highlights more ways that Google Maps can help everyone keep clean and go green by recycling and reusing items.

Google Maps is rolling out a new feature that allows businesses to add additional eco-conscious information to their profiles using their Google My Business accounts. This means that from now on, it'll be easier to find out where you can go to recycle materials like clothing, electronics, batteries, household hazardous waste, light bulbs, and more. Google will soon prompt some users to answer questions about places they visit to make sure recycling information is up-to-date and accurate.

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Google is also highlighting its list function, which is available Maps for the best Android phones and can help users keep track of places like electric vehicle charging stations, local recycling centers, second-hand stores, and even local upcycling places. If you haven't utilized this feature yet, we have a guide to show you how to use saved lists in Google Maps. Google even recommends giving eco-friendly businesses a shoutout on reviews, posting images to show off their efforts, and even suggesting helpful edits to business.

Earth Day may be only one day, but it's important to help keep the planet clean every day. Reducing waste and reusing items is an important way to do that. We at Android Central already highlight a few ways on how to recycle your old Android phone, and Samsung has just launched its Galaxy Upcycling at Home program that can give your old smartphones new life.

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