Google IO begins today!

It's here, boys and girls. We're headed out to that little shindig called Google IO. First up this morning, breakfast. No kidding. If you've ever had Google breakfast, chances are you're still full. Coming up (all times Pacific, natch):

  • 9 a.m.: Day 1 keynote. Google Music? We'll see. New Android stuff? Probably. Lots of numbers and stats about how awesome Android is? Almost certain.
  • 10:30 a.m.: Post-keynote press Q&A. There will be questions. And possibly answers.
  • After that? Jerry's gonna hit up the sessions, and I'm going to see more developers than I can shake a stick at. (And a warning to developers: I'm bringing a stick to shake!)

So be back here at 9 a.m. Pacific, noon Eastern for all the keynote liveblog goodness we can muster, folks!

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  • We need pics of breakfast (especially Google bacon) and pics of all the free goodies you get! (Google sausages will do if you don't get pics of the bacon)
  • so jealous
  • Who else blew up the QR code to scan it?
  • I did. Calling Phil now...
  • I scanned it, didn't know it had THAT much info in it. Whoooooops!
  • I blew it up and made my own pass. Looks like I'll be Phil for a few days.
  • I blew it up and it doesn't scan...quality isn't good enough. Edit: But it looks like Phil took the picture down now.
  • Worked fine for me, although I won't repost the info ;)
  • Yeah, I really just sent him an SMS telling him that it was possible, hoping he'd have someone take it down fast. I'd never abuse such a lapse, and have deleted the info from my phone. :-)
  • Can't wait to hear the news. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Crazy stalkers, the lot of you. :p
  • I only SMSed to let you know, man. :-) I deleted your info after that. I loved that it was possible tho! :-D
  • Crazy stalkers, the lot of you. :p
  • I called first! LOL
  • Please visit my ebay auction for Phil's contact info... Phil, you may want to bid high... ;-) j/k In all seriousness, looking for some interesting info from this IO. Thanks for bringing it to us, Phil.
  • Hey Phil...
    How about asking one of those ice cream sandwiches on stage....Whatever happened to "Blind Type"?????
  • I was able to get into the live video feed by setting my PC clock to 8:59am PST at the countdown clock and it then took me here at 9:00am PST: EDIT: This video now is showing the countdown! Pretty cool! It's almost here...
  • Here's the Google Music signup link:
  • What happens when you press that spot on the pass! Android theme song plays? Little green Androids fly around? Tell us!!!!
  • What happens when you press that spot on the pass! Android theme song plays? Little green Androids fly around? Tell us!!!!