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The second day of the show is a bit calmer by design in order to let developers get down into the details of everything that was announced the day before, but there's still plenty of newsworthy information coming out regardless. The big headlines of the day were fresh details on Daydream VR and the final announcement that the Play Store is coming to Chrome OS.

Daydream VR


Though we got a pretty solid rundown of Daydream VR at the Day 1 keynote, a handful of sessions on Day 2 gave us all of the deep details on Google's new virtual reality push in Android N. We now know that the Nexus 6P is the first device set up to develop Daydream compatible apps, and Google has also launched a system for using another phone as a controller in lieu of yet-to-be-released Daydream controllers.

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Google also confirmed that it plans to release its own takes on the Daydream headset and controller designs, though the focus is still on third-party manufacturers making their own. On the content side, Google gave a sneak peek of the new virtual reality launcher in Android N, as well as new content offerings from YouTube, Google Play Movies and more. For content creation, Google announced partnerships and integrations with movie makers, developers and game engine creators.

Chrome OS

Google Play on a Chromebook

After being heavily rumored, Google finally dropped the news on us — Google Play is coming to Chrome OS. Later this year, Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromebases will be able to launch the Google Play Store and download millions of Android apps. Those apps will run as first-class citizens on the system, right next to any Chrome apps you may have.

Unlike the ARC Welder that preceded it, this new implementation opens up a world of possibilities for consumers to get great apps on their Chromebooks.

Google Play Awards

Google Play Awards

Google I/O is all about developers, and part of that story is giving praise to the developers that make the fantastic apps that Google itself notices as being exceptionally great. Google took time after the show on Day 2 to highlight these apps, and while there are big names included that you've heard of, there are plenty that you haven't seen that are worth highlighting and checking out.

The Google I/O 2016 AC podcast

Google I/O

At the end of Day 1 we gathered around a microphone back at the hotel to record a fun "Google I/O 2016 Part 1" podcast where we covered all of the big news of the first day. Now that it's edited and published, we invite you to join us as we talk through everything that was on our minds after several hours running around the land of Google. We'll have a "Part 2" podcast available soon, so check back in for that one as well!