Google makes it easier to find family-friendly content with new 'Designed for Families' program

Google wants to make sure that finding family-friendly content is easier in Google Play with their latest program, Designed for Families. There are currently a number of developers who create family-oriented content, and Google wants to make sure that it is easy to find and download these apps and games. Developers who tailor their apps towards age-appropriate content, by optimizing the user interface and adding features that entertain and educate, will soon see their work promoted in the Play Store.

Google Play is committed to the success of this emerging developer community, so today we're introducing a new program called Designed for Families, which allows developers to designate their apps and games as family-friendly. Participating apps will be eligible for upcoming family-focused experiences on Google Play that will help parents discover great, age-appropriate content and make more informed choices.

Developers who want to participate in the program can now designate their apps as family-friendly in the Google Play Developer Console. After selecting to have the app participate, Google will review the application to make sure it meets all the requirements, and in the coming weeks they will be adding new ways to promote the content in Google Play.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Jared DiPane
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