Google Home can now perform two actions with one command

There's no shortage of things to do with Google Home, but if you want to ask your smart speaker multiple things at one time, the experience up until now has been pretty clunky. For example, checking the weather and getting an update on your commute to work would require two separate "Ok, Google" commands. It's a process that worked but wasn't very elegant.

Thankfully, that's now changing.

"Ok, Google, turn off the bedroom lights and turn on the coffee pot."

Initially spotted by CNET, Google Home speakers now allow you to issue multiple commands at one time. Instead of having to say two commands for the above situation, you can say "Ok, Google, what's the weather and what's the traffic to work look like?" to get that information read to you back-to-back.

Another use case for this, and one that I know I'm rather excited about, is being able to turn on two smart home gadgets (such as light bulbs and switches) in one breath. Far too often I'll have to say two "Ok, Google" commands to turn on certain things when I get home, so having something like this will be a nice treat.

This functionality appears to be limited to Google Home speakers for the time being, meaning that it won't work with Google Assistant on your phone. Furthermore, while two actions with one command work just fine, you can't string together three or more.

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Just picked up the home mini for 29.99 from Verizon. Seems good so far just can't change the time on it for the life of me..
  • It sets the time itself automatically...u must have it set to the wrong time zone
  • There is no way to set the time zone. It's an hour off of the time on my phone.
  • I've been assuming that it bases the time zone on the address you assign to the device in the Google Home app.
  • Interesting.... in the article.... "Another use case for this, and one that I know I'm rather excited about, is being able to turn on two smart home gadgets (such as light bulbs and switches) in one breath. " Or get an Echo, then create a routine that runs multiple commands. I can just say "Alexa, I'm Home" and I can turn on outside light, living room light, foyer lights and any other lights I'd want to. Or in the morning I can say "Alexa, start my day and have my Echo tell me the weather, give me the traffic, run through my daily briefing, turn on the coffee maker, lights and control other "smart home" features. Um, yeah, nice feature Google Home added, Google trailing what Amazon's already accomplished. Nice job Google!
  • This functionality already exists on the Home as well. For instance, you can say, "Hey Google, Good Morning" and you'll get a weather and traffic summary for your morning commute, as well as a custom audio news update. There are baked in commands like that one, but you can create custom commands as well. I think what's new here is that these are on-the-go multiple commands that don't have to be previously set up. I'm not sure if Alexa does that or not, but if so, good on them. Really, they seem to be pretty close to each other on functionality from what I've read, with each finding new uses for the devices and then the other catching up. And we all win.
  • Actually Google can do the same thing as Alexa, has been able to for some time. Both require setting up groups which can be controlled via a single command. What the author is talking about is using a two step command for two separate devices that are not set up in a group. Alexa can not do this nor has ever been able to do this. Full disclosure, i have both devices.
  • Or have items grouped together in "Rooms" in the Google Assistant/Home app. I've been able to tell my Google Assistant, and now my Google Home Mini, for months to "Turn off the basement" and it turns off any items that i have associated with the Basement. I currently have two lamps (iHome) and a Christmas tree (TP-Link) all connected via smart plugs in the basement. I don't see it being any different when i add two switches. As for the weather and traffic commute, I've been able to say to my Google Assistant for over a year "How's my day look?" and GA will tell me the current weather, the weather forecast for the day, how long my commute will be, any traffic on my commute, any appointments i have scheduled for that day and then play any daily news casts that i have set up. And let's not forget that Amazon has had their smart home connected speaker out for a year longer than Google has. Isn't competition a good thing? Shouldn't we be happy that we have choices and not just one way of doing things? Why must people put others and their choices down in order to feel good about themselves?
  • It is a nice job. Google Home launched well after Echo, so it shouldn't be surprising that they're still catching up in many areas. Both assistants have strengths and weaknesses, and we're all better off if they continue to improve.
  • Google is coming out with routines very shortly as well :). Also... Amazon should have already accomplished it. They had the home speakers out first so I would truly hope Google wouldn't beat them" to something lol.
  • I have been disappointed that the "shortcuts" in the Google Home App did not support multiple commands under one "shortcut." is it really a shortcut?
  • I actually have a shortcut called "I'm home" that turns on my TV thru harmony and turns on my lamp thru a tp-link smart plug.
  • I use the shortcuts for my Wemo switches. Instead of saying, "OK Google, turn on the kitchen", I can just say "OK Google, kitchen". Without the shortcut, I'd just get a Google search for kitchens. I'm happy to have the multiple commands, and looking forward to the routines coming down the line.
  • Anyone actually get this to work? Every time I try to turn on or off 2 devices my Mini says "sorry I can't help with that yet"
  • I need this on my Pixel. I would like to say Ok Google Driving Mode On, and it will turn on bluetooth, and turn off wifi. Alas, I tried and it doesn't work. Still have to make the change with two separate commands.