Google Home can link to specific Netflix profiles based on your voice

Google Home Mini
Google Home Mini (Image credit: Android Central)

The Google Home was an awesome smart speaker when it first launched in late 2016, but it was made even better last August with support for multiple users based on voice recognition. This made the Google Home a much more viable option for homes with multiple people, and now it's getting even better with Netflix integration.

If you already have multiple profiles set up with your Google Home, adding your Netflix info is dead simple. Within the Google Home app, head to Menu -> More Settings -> Videos and Photos. From here, you'll want to tap Manage Profile under the Netflix icon. This will take you to Netflix's website, and you'll be able to choose which Netflix profile you want linked to your Google Home/Assistant.

With this done, Google Home will know which profile to use when you ask it to play something on Netflix based on which voice it hears.

Each person in your home will need to go through this same process to link their Google and Netflix accounts together, but it thankfully just takes a few seconds and will ensure that you aren't getting recommendations for new shows to watch based on what your kids, spouse, or roommate is watching.

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Joe Maring

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  • What about for a kids profile?
  • I'm guessing a little here... but the first profile on Netflix is the main profile, I believe it was created automatically (I've had Netflix since before profiles so I'm not sure what happens now when an account is created)... I don't believe you can delete this profile, I think you can only rename it. This main profile is used when you are using a device that doesn't support profiles. I realized this a while back because I had this main profile as mine and when the family would watch something on an old Roku device, that didn't support profiles at the time, their watched history would always show up on my profile. I ended up getting annoyed with this so I renamed that main profile to the Family profile and created a different one for me. So I'm guessing here that if someone that does not have their voice trained on the Google Home it's going to just default to that main (first) profile on your Netflix account. So do some testing and if I'm right just make that first main profile the family one.
  • They'll need to have a linked home account on a device. I suggest a kids Google account through family link app.
  • Yeeaaahhhh!!!
  • Tapping "Manage Profile" started to load things, but then fell back to the Home app without giving me any options. I had to unlink my account and then relink it to be able to select a profile.
  • Yes!
  • Don't get me wrong, I love my Google Homes... And yet, when Netflix is playing on my living room TV's Chromecast and I tell my living room Home to pause/pause Netflix/pause living room TV, 2/3 of the time it tells me nothing's playing. I should mention it has gotten much better lately, but I still think it should be easier. If I say ”play xxxxx” and it knows I have Netflix and xxxxx is on Netflix and there's a Chromecast in the same room ready to play... It should just play.
  • You can assign your home and Chromecast together to default to a room, if I am understanding correctly.
    For example if i say play 'x' from Netflix while in my kitchen or living room it automatically plays on my living room. If I do the same in my gym, plays on my gym and same if I were to say it in the bedroom. All defined to the local space and no need to define which device to play on unless I need a different location than the default.