Back in October, Google completely revamped its Home app with a fresh interface and new smart home controls that made it ten times more enjoyable to use than past versions. Unfortunately, it was missing one big feature — the ability to change the color of smart lights/bulbs.

A new update to the Google Home app is rolling out now (version 2.9), and after all these months of waiting, our complaints are finally being addressed.

After downloading the update and tapping on a multicolored light, you'll now see a new "Color" button below the on/off toggle. When you tap it, you can browse through a list of 42 different hues. It would have been nice for Google to integrate a custom color wheel, too, but this is certainly better than not having anything at all.

Google Home v2.9 is rolling out to the Play Store now, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Download: Google Home (free)

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