Stadia on a MonitorSource: Android Central

What you need to know

  • Stadia is Google's game streaming service.
  • A Stadia Pro membership normally costs $10/month.
  • Google is giving Chromecast Ultra owners three months of Stadia Pro for free.

Who doesn't love free things? Google is now offering existing and new Chromecast Ultra owners the opportunity to try its Stadia game streaming service with three months of Stadia Pro for free. Google confirmed to The Verge that this is the first promotion of its kind that the company is offering and it works just like the Buddy Pass does.

In order to take part in this promotion, you'll need to opt in to receive promotional emails from Google. It will then send out invitations to known Chromecast Ultra owners with the offer to redeem your 3-month trial. So don't just be waiting for an email to randomly appear out of the blue. Go and sign up for promotional emails first.

Since Google Stadia's free tier has yet to launch, this is the only way to try out the service without either spending $10/month on a Stadia Pro membership or using someone else's Buddy Pass.

If you were hesitant to jump aboard the Stadia train earlier, I don't blame you. There's little value in its current form right now. But if you already own a Chromecast Ultra, this is the perfect way to try it out without needing to spend any money. No risk for all of the reward. Stadia Pro members have access to a handful of free games including Destiny 2.

All you need

Stadia Controller

A firm grip on what's needed

The Stadia Controller is all you need to use Stadia if you already have the Chromecast Ultra. You can also use it on your other devices. Get the Wasabi colored one, it's gorgeous.

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