Google To Give A Free Nexus One Or Motorola Droid To GDC Attendees

One of the weaker points of the Android platform (especially when compared to the iPhone), is the lack of high quality games. Considering the hardware of the high-end Android devices (such as the Nexus One and Droid) is certainly capable of such games, it's really all a matter of getting enough developers behind Android as a gaming platform. So how do you spur gaming development for the Android Platform? Give away free Android phones!

Developers attending the Game Developers Conference on March 9th and 10th in San Francisco will be able to qualify for the free Android devices. According to Google, "attendees who register for All Access or Tutorials and Summits passes by the Early Bird deadline of February 4, 2010" will be eligible. We think it's a great move by Google and if you're attending GDC, feel free to take a look at what it takes to get your free Android phone!

[android developers blog]

Casey Chan