Google gets in your living room with the Nexus Q

It's your cloud, in your living room, from Google. We've been hearing about a Google branded home entertainment product for a while now, an today on stage Google showed us the future -- the Nexus Q. Imagine a sexy black sphere, controlled via NFC from your Android phone or tablet, that sends out audio and video from the cloud to your existing television and stereo equipment. Since it's not streaming from your phone, that means your friends can get in on the fun and stream his or her cloud through the Nexus Q. It really is the first social streaming media device.

The hackable Nexus Q (it has the same SoC as the Galaxy Nexus and USB in/out) will be available for $299 from Google Play, starting in the US. Pre-orders stars today and the units ship in July. Check out the video after the break!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Google TV has just been replaced.
  • Am I the only one who things the 299 price tag is to much in comparison to apple tv or Google tv?
  • The Nexus Q is 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • Made in America? O-O... YES! If I had the money to get one I so would, but the Nexus 7 has already taken my Savings Goal. Google can I sell my Soul to you ? JK :D
  • which is really good, but think about it. Google TV $99, $150 and the new sony Gtv $199. Do you really think that this is worth $299, JUST TO PAY MUSIC AND MOVIES FROM YOUR OR YOU FRIENDS PHONE?
  • You hit the nail on the head!! Cool yes.. for $100... would be a smash hit... but at $299 i personally thing they are out of their MIND. I love Google, but this is ludicrous.
  • I was excited to buy one, refreshed the play store again to see if the nexus 7 was online yet, and then heard it was $300. If it was $100 it would have been in my cart. I can't wait to read the reviews, and see if it's built in amp is any good. I almost wish they partnered with a speaker design firm to make a pair of speakers to add on at checkout (optional). EDIT: Apparently there are speakers that can be added at checkout. I was hoping for a more reasonably priced set though...
  • It doesn't just stream from your phone. It has it's own connection to the cloud. This is like a Google TV on steroids almost. That being said: I do still think it's overpriced, especially with $99 Google TV boxes coming online.
  • I gotta see some specs. its definitely up there in price.
  • Yeah, I do wish it was a bit less considering at its base level its just a media hub. I hope the social and NFC type features are part of future GoogleTV expansions as that's pretty much what I want. OR if Q can live stream exactly what's on your tablet/phone screen, including any app/browser etc. Then its more worth the $300. As it is right now... its hard for me to justify more than $100 otherwise I'd rather get a GoogleTV.
  • I agree, I want screen mirroring that works for any android device. I'm considering the allshare display adapter for the GS3, but would rather invest a little more and get something that would be a little more universal...
  • I agree also, and mirroring would need to be in this package to justify the cost. Imagine playing a driving game wirelessly from your phone (Nexus)while in HD mirror mode to your Big screen TV. That in itself is worth $100. Jerry will tell us all of the details after he gets back, In his review write up.
  • This seems like it should be closer to $150-200. But it really depends on how it's implemented and supported. The idea is sound though. I'm excited about it but I worry about that price. I already have a $5 app that streams Audio and Video via Wifi through my PS3 to my TV. Even with HD mirroring I can't really justify the price.
  • So if it is controlled with NFC do you have to walk up to it and touch it with your device to control it? Also, how does it hook to your TV? I have not got a "smart" tv. Just one with a bunch of HDMI inputs.
  • My guess is that you may have to touch it with your device to have the two connect but after they connect you don't have to go back and keep touching it. I'm also guessing the Q probably has component or hdmi cable connections somewhere on it.
  • No. NFC just syncs the two devices via bluetooth. Then you have bluetooth's range for control. To the TV, it has hdmi and optical audio for direct to amplifier as well.
  • I believe it said your friends need to be connected to your wifi, so it's pretty clear it's controlled over wifi, not bluetooth.
  • That price is absolutely absurd.
  • +1. You would think that Google would have learned from prior GTV products. Crazy.
  • I think the price may be high because it was made here in the USA and not in a factory somewhere else using child labor.
  • That's a correctable problem. ;)
  • You mean like Samsung? Googles number one partner?
  • Its priced in line with Sonos but I think other than the video aspect, Sonos still has them beat.
  • especially considering sonos is good quality sounding speakers. There is no speakers here... just a glorified media hub.
  • Only the SONOS PLAY3($299) and PLAY5($399) comes with speakers, this is more in line with the CONNECT($249). The PLAY3 speakers are pretty good and I love SONOS, but there is no video. This is just different.
  • It's actually more like a weak version of the CONNECT:AMP, which retails for $500. The Q has a 25W amp built in.
  • $299? Yeah, good luck with that. Man, I just want to stream Google music to my stereo wirelessly. I'm not going to spend $330 to do it though. Apple has this nailed for $99.
  • Just go buy any GoogleTV system to do that OR a bluetooth enabled amplifier OR media dock for your phone OR the Galaxy S3's media doc as its pretty universal actually... etc. There are plenty of choices out there for cheap.
  • My only concern is how far away will you be able to control this thing from? I was under the impression NFC could only work for very close distances. If you have to be 2 feet away from this thing with your phone to control it, then the device becomes almost useless.
  • If you saw the video, it uses Wi-Fi for managing the queue. The NFC has another use, probably to pair it to a phone/tablet via bluetooth.
  • ohh okay that clears it up. I was gonna say, controlling via NFC would not be good.
  • NFC is only used to 'connect' your android device and the Q device together, once you've clicked, the Q is on your wireless network, just like your phone, so they will communicate over your LAN.
  • Which would mean keeping WiFi on on my phone! Wouldn't it? Draining battery, on the Tab it's ok because it's only WiFi, but not on my phone.
  • This will lead to a lot of hilarious confusion when people hear "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" coming on for the fifth consecutive time. Well, it will at parties I attend.
  • I honestly don't get it...........
  • using your phone to pick out music and videos? I will be able to do that with my Android phone and Xbox 360 and the Xbox Smart Glass app. Also, I was hoping that they were going to have games for this thing as well while using your phone as the controller. But nothing was announced. No thanks Google. 299$ vs 150$ for an Xbox 360. That Nexus 7 tablet looks really sweet though, but this one has me scratching my head.
  • Let me see if I understand this; My HTC Media link HD can mirror everything on my 52"hdtv including, play movie, play music, play book and everything else and it cost me $90 which stil high.
    this streams, play music, play movie and what else? not to mention that this may only stream cloud only products, for $300, I think this will fail harder than the logiteth Gtv. I'm bashing on android, I do have Gtv, 2 tablets, 4 cellphone, and every single android news website booked mark.
  • Clearly, this is for cool people with expensive stuff. At least that's what the marketing images imply.
  • Yeah, I don't see this taking off at all, even though I love Android and my EVO LTE. My friends who are a) big music fans enough to buy cool music equipment and b) are willing to spend several hundred dollars on cool music equipment...already have Sonos and mostly use iPhones. I rarely sit around with friends taking the time to each add songs from our collections into a music cue. I just put my iPod on my Bose and pick a playlist. Better use of time talking or eating or toasting a beverage. Same deal if I started using Android music downloads instead of iTunes, but I doubt this new device would be worth it. Just a real-world scenario that I see. Not sure who this appeals to really. Younger kids? Do they have the need or funds to drop on something like this, assuming they aren't heavily invested already in iTunes? Maybe more people use Android music than I think, but I don't know anyone who's really into it yet.
  • Really, did you people watch BOTH vid's? NFC connects the devices and/or xfers the necessary software to your device. Vid's don't specify but it would be ridiculous to use NFC for the actual control. And you can clearly see wires coming from the back of the device in several of the shots. Yes, price is high but like most products, that may change. Seems the big deal here is the social aspect... So, Apple/Google TV with a social element - and everything in the cloud (not on your devices).
  • Honestly this looks like Google is trying to make a play at the high end market. I mean look at the design, the price, and more importantly the price of it's accesories. $50 Dollars for speaker cables. $400 For a pair of triad bookshelf speakers. Wha??? o.O I dont get it. I mean this, the goggles and tablet...Google is just all over the place. The only winner for me is the tablet at this point.
  • wow, I think I'll just keep my 1080p roku...
    Way overpriced.
  • Thanks, but I think I'll just stick a $70 Android-on-a-stick into a free HDMI port and just let my friends log into it when they come over... in the unlikely event any of them ever amasses a significant Google Play library. Or if I'm feeling really crazy with the spending, maybe I'll spring for that new Vizio box, still under a hundred bucks. WTF, Google?
  • The price is high, but it's made in the USA, that's cool.
  • The price is high, but it's made in the USA, that's cool.
  • Just give me a *** xbox app. I already have enough crap plugged into my HTR. Where I'm headed: Uverse on the Xbox, Amazon on the XBox, Netflix on the XBox, and a blu-ray player. Google, if you'd prefer not to make an xbox app enjoy the lonely cold of space. That's where you'll stay. I suppose I could stream from the browser on my Win7 media center to the Xbox, but that's a lot of trouble.
  • If you've got money to blow this might be a neat purchase. They seemed to market it very well in the keynote, it had me oo-ing and ah-ing but that might just be me. I think we're gonna have to wait a couple days til Phil and the crew get to review this thing hands on and then make a decision on whether or not to pick one up.
  • I like that it's made in the USA but 299 for what it is, I think it's seriously over priced.
  • Even if it was $100, I wouldn't buy it. I can't think of a single time I would ever want to use something like this. At $300.... absurd.
  • This would be a cool addition to an indy coffee shop or bookstore. It's kindof like a jukebox.
  • Who would let other people choose music at your own house? No Thanks. I'm the Boss. lmao :p
  • i am flabergasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Will developers be able to make apps that use the Q? It would be awesome if Pandora or Netflix could go through this.
  • I like it, nice concept but priced way too high for its own good. At 149.99 it would have been a nice Christmas gift for my brother. I will wait for the reviews. At a party too many people would be playing crap that I won't like. So I wouldn't even tell anyone that what this thing can do, lol.
  • Anybody else think this thing looks a lot like the shiny Apple "i" from 2008?
  • $300 though? What does this do that my Apple TV doesn't that justifies such a high price tag?
  • I'd rather a streaming music service like Pandora. I don't buy songs or albums anymore. For movies I can just plug in one of my tablets or phones with a $10 HDMI cable.
  • If your intent on purchasing one of these and want a spherical speaker or 2 to go with it hows about building your own? check here for build instructions :D
  • This made me laugh especially since I made it ;)
  • What pisses me off is that I already listen to google play (music) on my tv b/c my pc is hooked to my tv, but i have to control it with a mouse and keyboard (I actually have a small bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo), but i have to be in front of the tv to scroll through the playlist. It seems to me that it would be easy enough for them to add the control to the app that I already have on my phone and I wouldn't need to spend 299.
  • This doesn't do a thing for someone who has a Home Theater PC in the living room with multiple Extenders.
  • I guess that's my position as well - I've a media PC hooked up to my living room receiver/"stereo" and TV so it doesn't do much for me. Perhaps that's why I don't see much value it what is otherwise a cool looking product.
    The day it's hacked to run Google TV and XBMC and the price goes down I'm in ... maybe (probably not).
  • Sounds like just another gimmik to convince people that hand over their personal information to someone else to hold & manage (thats what the cloud is) in the hopes that they will value and protect it as much as you would for a nominal fee of course. The question is what happens when it starts to rain in the cloud? When the storms start do you think the cloud provider is going to protect your information like you would? Not likely! If Google wants to really wow us then make one of these that lets the user stream from their own data storage and not just some big faceless corporations cloud service.