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Google Fit SDK preview is now available for developers!

Google today has made available the Google Fit SDK in preview form, meaning developers can now start taking a look at the APIs that'll make all the things a little smarter when it comes to our activities.

The gist is that apps will be able to use existing sensors on your phone or watch or whatever, and pipe that information into their apps. If you're wearing an Android Wear watch, it could take use heart-rate info. Or it could use the step count. It could take the overall history and crunch those numbers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, of course.

To get things going, you'll need to head into the SDK manager and update things, and then get working with the code.

Source: Google Developers blog; More: Google Fit G+ community

  • Is this the same Google Fit that is on my Android Wear G Watch?
  • Yes it is. Google Fit was still developing remotely from Google on your watch. You couldn't do much with Fit before today. It's only today that Google Fit on your watch is now open to utilization by developed. Posted via Android Central App
  • So disappointing. I wanted Google Fit to be a single app that would tie together data from all of my fitness devices, not a way to have even more apps in between my devices and my data.
  • I agree. I have android wear and a fit bit and also use endomondo for GPS tracking. I want it all to merge into one set. :-( Posted via Android Central App