Google Docs now lets you quickly jump between headings

Mobile G Suite
Mobile G Suite (Image credit: Google)

Google Docs users on both mobile and the web have a handy way to quickly jump between sections of their documents. The new document outline view will give you a quick glance at the different sections of a document, broken up the headers that appear within. And if you haven't manually inserted headers, the feature intelligently tries to detect divisions in your document and automatically fill in the outline. Once filled in, users can quickly hop to any section with a click.

On desktop browsers, the document outline will be available in a pane on the left side of the screen. For those on mobile, however, things work a little differently. Once you start scrolling through a document, you'll see a navigation handle pop up. If you touch the handle, a list of the sections in the document will pop up, allowing you to quickly scroll to specific headings.

The feature is currently rolling out, so it may take some time to appear on both the web and mobile for all users.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster