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What you need to know

  • Google announced that the Stadia Premiere Edition is now $99 instead of $130.
  • New users can get Stadia Pro for free.
  • The Premiere Edition comes with the Chromecast Ultra HDMI dongle and a Stadia Controller.

Google Stadia has been steadily moving along since it became widely available free to the public back in April. Just two months later, it's dropped the price of the Stadia Premiere Edition from $130 to $100.

This is the cheapest way to play on the Stadia service, specifically on your TV. Users get the Chromecast Ultra HDMI dongle and a Stadia Controller. Using a Chromecast is also currently the only way to play Stadia on your TV.

Previously, users had to pay $130 for the Stadia Premiere Edition, which also used to come with a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro. Unfortunately, this is no longer a part of the bundle. However, users can get a one-month free trial of Pro if they sign up for the free version of Stadia. All they need is a Google account and they can sign up on the Google website.

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If you want to play on Android, however, you can play on just about any Android phone with almost any Bluetooth or USB controller through Google Chrome or your phone. You don't need a Stadia Controller to play on the cloud gaming service, but it does include some extra features — including a Share button.

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The announcement comes just a few days after Google made Stadia available on all Android phones. Previously it was only available on Pixel phones and select other devices. This recent change allows any Android phone that can download the Stadia app to use the service.

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Premiere Edition

Stadia Premiere Edition

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Google Stadia is a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It's a console in the cloud, available on your TV, your smartphone, or through the Chrome browser on your laptop. Now, it's more affordable than ever.