Google CEO teases Gingerbread on Samsung Nexus S

Google CEO Eric Schmidt this afternoon gave a sneak peak at Gingerbread -- Android 2.3 -- on "an unannounced" Android device that sure looked a lot like the Samsung Nexus S. It's all going down as we type at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Will we "get" Gingerbread today? Doesn't sound like it. Schmidt said Gingerbread is on its way "in the coming weeks." And as we've said before, we still have to see the SDK and what-not before it starts rolling out to phones, with the Nexus One likely among the first.

What there has been is a bunch of search talk, natch, plus a bunch on NFC, or near-field communication. Basically using your smartphone to complete real-world actions, such as payments. Exciting stuff, to be sure. Be we know what you nerds want. Gingerbread. [Web 2.0 Summit]

Phil Nickinson