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Google cancels Nexus One event in China

It's no secret that Google and China are having some differences. The crux of the disagreement is China's notoriously stringent censorship of the web and we definitely applaud Google for refusing to continue censoring search results that may cause Google to pull their search engine from China entirely (especially given the massive potential profit they could be making).

The relationship has become so sour that Google has reportedly pulled a planned Nexus One developer event in Beijing. The event was to showcase the latest and greatest Android handset and presumably get folks excited. And certainly, there's a ton of excitement for Android in China but we guess even big companies try to adhere to some sort of principle. The event is going to go off without a hitch in Hong Kong and Taiwan, so this is very likely Google sticking it to China (however effective that may be in the long run).


  • Well, think of the control China likely has over their mobile network providers. Ya think maybe Google realizes, if these providers haven't already told them privately, that the N1 would be dead on arrival? Hell, they'll take an N1 apart over there and have a 1/2 price clone out by summer, since there's little regard for intellectual property rights over there. Google may be extremely powerful in the rest of the world, where free commerce works, but China is a steamroller with their own rules; Google is a burr they're just rolling over.
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  • I think because china block google on their country.
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