A very minor, but no less useful update is headed out to Google Calendar, bringing a feature that should be a welcome addition for anyone who frequently dials in to conference calls. Now, when you dial in to a conference call from Google Calendar, the app can automatically add the relevant passcode.

Google Calendar can now auto-dial your conference call passcodes

Says Google:

An update to the Google Calendar app for Android is coming to Google Play. When you dial in to your conference call, Google Calendar can now automatically add the passcode. Simply tap the call-in number from the calendar event and you'll be prompted to select the relevant passcode for you ─ host or participant.

Since Google Calendar detects the passcode from the notes field in the calendar event, you'll want to make sure you enter it ahead of time when you set up the event. As Google notes, this feature has just begun rolling out and should reach everyone in the coming days.