Google to boost account security with security code, mobile authentication

Google has begun rolling out much-improved account security features for its Google Apps Premiere, Education, and Government customers. The system features the standard "username and password" we are all used to now, but it also will contain a second verification step. This will require a special code that can be obtained in one of three ways:

  1. A "Google Authenticator" app available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry phones
  2. A SMS (text) message
  3. A automated phone call

This system is designed primarily to entice business, education, and government users who require the added security to do their daily business, which is why they will be seeing it first. Google does plan on rolling out the added security to all Google accounts within the next few months. Users can choose to have the code required upon every login, once per computer, or turn it off completely. Requiring it upon every login would ensure that any would-be hacker would need both your password and access to your phone. Download links for the Android app are past the break. [Google]

Kyle Gibb