Google Assistant once again shows where you've parked your car

What you need to know

  • Google will once again start showing parking information, this time in Assistant.
  • The feature will show up automatically as a card within Assistant.
  • It is now rolling out to users in a server-side push.

Google Now has been waylaid in favor of Google Assistant, and along the line a few features have been lost. One of those was the ability to automatically remember where you've parked your car. This used to show up as a card based on location, and was invaluable if you're in a large mall or outdoor music venue.

Thankfully, the feature is making its way back, and is being baked into Google Assistant. It's the latest in a larger push around the "next-generation Assistant" that Google showed off at I/O 2019 last month. As was the case with Google Now, Assistant will serve a card that shows where you've last parked your car, and it's all done automatically.

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The feature itself relies on location tracking, and while it's not entirely accurate, it gives a rough estimate of your car's location based on when you've stopped driving. As noted by our friends over at Android police, it doesn't rely on Android Auto or Bluetooth data.

Google is gradually rolling out the feature through a server-side push, so it may not be available to all users just yet.