Google Assistant is now built into the Nest Cam IQ indoor camera

The Nest Cam IQ is one of the best indoor security cameras money can buy, and thanks to the company's recent merging with Google's hardware team, is getting even smarter.

A new software update is on its way to the indoor Nest Cam IQ, and it adds Google Assistant to the gadget. Just like the Google Home, this means you can now use voice commands to ask the Nest Cam IQ about the weather, set timers, check on the traffic to work, and more by first saying "Ok, Google" and then whatever you'd like to say.

Nest Aware can now tell the difference between people and things.

The Cam IQ will get the Google Assistant via an update to the Nest app, and while it's currently the only product in Nest's lineup to support this feature, it's expected to expand to more Nest hardware as time goes on.

In addition to this, Nest's Aware service is seeing a few upgrades. Alerts for your activity zones will now be able to distinguish between people and things, and if you have either the indoor or outdoor Cam IQ, Nest Aware will detect familiar faces in duplicate photos and merge them together in your photo library.

Lastly, Nest Aware is getting its cheapest subscription plan to-date. You can now sign up for Nest Aware for just $5/month to get 5-days of backed-up footage, and this will be joining the $10/month and $30/month plans that offer 10-days and 30-days of backups, respectively.

Nest co-founder Matt Rogers is leaving the company after nine years

Joe Maring

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