Google Assistant is turning your Nest Hub Max into a work-from-home hub

Nest Hub Max Google Assistant Meet Video Call
Nest Hub Max Google Assistant Meet Video Call (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google Assistant is enabled for workspace accounts on smart displays.
  • Users will be able to use Google Assistant to enter meetings from their Nest Hub.
  • The feature is rolling out to Workspace accounts over the next two weeks.

Google has been busy updating Workspace with new tiers and features. The latest feature brings Workspace access to some of the best smart displays with Google Assistant like the Nest Hub Max.

With the new rollout, Workspace users will be able to join a Google Meet call straight from their smart display, simply by saying something like, "Hey Google, join my meeting." Pulling up schedules should also be easier from any of the best Google Assistant speakers.

Nest Hub Google Assistant Workspace Meet

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

With work-from-home still the norm for many employees, this could make joining meetings more convenient for those that may have their hands tied or maybe want to just take the call from their bed, although turning off the camera may be a wise choice in this instance.

Access to Workspace from Google Assistant was launched earlier this year on the best Android phones. Google says the feature "will allow your users to more seamlessly get things done using just their voice—from asking what's on their Calendar to joining meetings and sending emails on the go."

The feature is being rolled out to Google Assistant-enabled smart displays starting today and will be paced out over the next two weeks. However, access to these Google Assistant features is dependent on admins who will have to enable them for their organization. Admins will also be able to require Voice Match of Facial Recognition for authentication.

The launch comes just after Google launched Workspace Individual for single business owners. Google also reinstated the one-hour limit for group calls in Google Meet on free accounts, which will prompt users to upgrade when they reach the time limit.

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