Google Assistant on Pixel 3aSource: Android Central

What you need to know

  • Google has extended Duplex to the Web.
  • You can now use the Assistant on your Android phone to book movie tickets on the Web with Chrome.
  • In the near future, Google hopes to expand the feature to allow users to perform more complex tasks such as booking a car rental.

Google began testing a new Duplex feature last month, which allowed select Chrome users in the U.S. to book movie tickets in Chrome with the Assistant. Google has now formally rolled out the feature for users in the U.S. and the UK.

Book Movie Tickets With the Assistant on ChromeSource: Google

To book a movie ticket on the web, you will first need to choose a theater and time. Google says users will have the option to buy tickets with the Assistant from over 70 cinemas and ticketing services, including AMD, Fandango, MJR Theaters, and in the U.S. In the UK, users can book their movie tickets from Odeon.

Book Movie Tickets With the Google Assistant in ChromeSource: Google

To search for movie times, you can simply ask the Assistant "Hey Google, showtimes for (movie name) in Miami this weekend", or just use the Google app. Once you have chosen a theater and time, the Assistant will open in Chrome and guide you through the whole process to purchase your ticket. With Duplex on the Web technology, the Assistant can not only navigate the site but also fill out all your information that is saved in Chrome.

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Google plans to make it even easier for users to get things done with the Assistant on the Web from your phone in the future. It says the feature will be expanded to more complex tasks such as booking a car rental.

I'm ecstatic to live in a Google Duplex world