Google Apps for Work customers can snag a Yubico security key for $9

FIDO key
FIDO key (Image credit: Android Central)

If you're a Google Apps for Work customer and you haven't yet picked up a security key for two-factor authentication on your account, now may be the time to do so. Google has announced that it has teamed up with Yubico to offer a 50 percent discount on security keys for Google Apps for Work customers purchasing through Yubico's store.

The offer looks to apply only to the cheaper of the keys, knocking its price down from $18 to a cool $9. Curiously, the deal also appears to apply to work for Google Apps for Education customers as well, opening it up to a slightly wider audience.

Yubico Key 50% off

In addition to the discount on security keys, Google announced some new admin controls aimed at more easily managing employee-specific security keys as well:

New admin controls are also rolling out today, to make it easier for Google Apps Unlimited administrators to deploy, monitor and manage Security Keys for their domains. As a Google Apps admin, once Security Keys have been activated by employees, you can see where and when employees last used their keys through usage tracking and by generating reports. You can easily revoke access to lost Security Keys and provide backup codes, so employees can still sign-in and get work done.

So, if you're a Google Apps for Work or Education customer, feel free to take advantage of this deal from Yubico's store at the link below. Google doesn't say if this is a temporary discount, but the price certainly beats out Amazon's $17 price by a wide margin.

Sources: Google, Andrew Minter (Google+)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • Well, it's $5 shipping so if you're a Prime subscriber it's only a $3 savings over Amazon, but you won't have it in two days. Either way, I bought just to try it out.
  • This also works for legacy free Google Apps for Your Domain accounts too - just tested it.
  • I confirm that this is an accurate statement. You also don't have to be the administrator of the Google Apps account to request the key. I wonder, does this key allow multiple accounts or is it tied to one account? Would be nice to have my Gmail account also work with it.
  • The yubikey is great, but when it really gets awesome is if you pair it with Lastpass, which has full integration for the yubikey. Multiple yubikeys can be pre-authenticated in case you lose one. This is really tough security when combined with a strong Lastpass password. If you favor convenience over ultimate security you can have lastpass remember your login password and only require a touch of the yubikey to access all of your gajillion passwords. Either way, yubikey + lastpass leaves you free to use unique 20 character or even longer passwords with a mix of upper, lower case, special symbols and numbers on all your web logins. You can even configure some yubikeys (perhaps all) to work as your windows login while still paired with Lastpass. If you appreciated my comments, message me for my referral link. We both get free lastpass credits. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Too bad it isn't the NFC version or at least offer it as well.