The Hover-1 H1-SPFY-BLK Superfly electric self-balancing scooter is down to $119.99 at Best Buy. That's an $80 discount off the hoverboard's original price and the lowest it has ever gone. This is a super affordable choice if you're looking to try out one of these self-balancing scooters.

There are other options. A lot of the Hover-1 brand is discounted right now. Get the Hover-1 H1 for $100 off. You can even get this Beast Buggy attachment down to a low price while it's on sale for $79.99.


Hover-1 H1-SPFY-BLK Superfly electric self-balancing scooter

Has a 400W electric motor, can hit speeds up to seven mph, and can travel up to six miles on a single charge. Bluetooth built-in lets you play music through the speakers. Has LEDs in the wheels. Can handle up to 220 pounds and 10-degree inclines.

$119.99 $200.00 $80 off

Let's start with the limitations of the Superfly because it's important and will probably determine whether or not you can even make this purchase. For one thing, the Superfly has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. That means it's most like for a teenager or young adult or super skinny person my age.

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The hoverboard reaches a speed up to seven mph, which isn't much. It might be a little faster than walking, but at least you won't exert yourself as much. Then the Superfly can travel up to six miles on a single charge of its ability. The battery is built in and rechargeable, and It only takes about five hours to recharge, too. While traveling, the scooter can go up small hills but not anything greater than 10 degrees.

The Superfly is powered by the work of two 200W electric motors for 400W of total power output. It also has a built-in speaker that produces premium audio. With the Bluetooth tech you can connect your smartphone to your hoverboard. Listen to your favorite music and stream from your favorite apps. You can also connect with the Hover-1 app. There are LED lights on the wheels and deck of the hoverboard, and you can customize these lights while using the app.

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