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Frame accents come in various colors to match your existing Glass hardware

Google swiftly unveiled its new line of custom frames and shades for Google Glass last night, and now existing Explorers have the chance get their hands on them. By heading to the Glass store, where you could previously pick up things like earbuds and replacement shades, Explorers can pick up one of the four new frames for a cool $225 each, or new shades for $150 each.

The frames themselves all come in black, but you select an accompanying accent color to match your glass hardware. Although we suppose you can technically choose any color if you're considering mixing-and-matching. The two new styles of shades are currently out of stock, but all four frames are ready to order. Shipping is free (oh what a deal!) and the orders ship within 5-7 days according to the order page.

Are any Explorers out there considering Titanium Collection frames? At this steep price they aren't the simplest way to customize your Glass hardware, especially if you don't need prescription lenses.

Source: Google