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Gingerbread update for LG Optimus 3D now rolling out

Rejoice, LG Optimus 3D owners, for your handset's long journey to Gingerbread is finally over. The European version of phone, which launched in August with Froyo, today received an update to version 21a, based on Android 2.3.5. As well as the usual goodies you'd expect from Gingerbread, you'll also get 21Mbps HSPA+ support, a 2D and 3D video editor, improved video quality and faster Gallery app performance, just as we reported earlier this month.

The V21a update is currently available in the UK and most of mainland Europe via the LG updater utility, and should be rolling out over the air shortly. We haven't heard any reports of the update arriving on the LG Thrill 4G, the Optimus 3D's American cousin, but hopefully Thrill owners should be on a fast track to receive the new software, now that it's out internationally.

Now, about that ICS update...

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  • None on thrill
  • Brothers and Sisters from across the pond, please let us know how it performs. Like does "faster Gallery app performance" make that much of a difference to you? Does the camera start faster and take pics faster? Any other benefits?
  • Lets hope this goes better than the Optimus S Gingerbread update.
  • Lets hope they kick it in gear and get it on the Thrill. Although, on XDA there is mention that it loads right on the Thrill via the LG update tool, and works perfectly.
  • Swweet ... both of my phones getting updates :).. well my sgs2 SR :) waiting on my thrill :)
  • I spoke to the UK support site last week and they are being fairly confident that the 2.3 release will be on Monday 5th December. However this may only be for untouched/unbranded handsets. Operators may take longer as they have to put all their crap on it as well!