Gift cards likely headed to Google Play, APK teardown reveals

Gift cards for the Google Play Store have been a much-requested feature for the service, and now it seems Google may be preparing to launch them. The Play Store APK (application file) was recently updated to version 3.8.15.

After finding that the new version was a few kilobytes heavier, the guys at Android Police decided to decode the APK and start digging around, and they uncovered a wealth of evidence in support of the existence of Play gift cards.

The new APK apparently intercepts links to the URL (currently inactive). There are also code references to activities in the app associated with redeeming gift codes, as well as new art assets for the pages where they’re to be used. And a couple of enterprising hackers even managed to tinker around and open up the hidden gift code redemption pages, as evidenced by the shots above.

So we think it’s pretty much guaranteed that Google will be introducing this feature at some point in the future, and given that most of the code to enable this is now on consumers’ devices, we hope it’ll be rolled out sooner rather than later.

Source: Android Police

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Finally! :D Can't wait for this to be rolled out. It'll make purchasing apps so much easier for a teenager such as myself. Good on you Google!
  • 'Stil no books and movies for europe.. so we probably wont see this gift card stuf here.
  • What I'd like to see is the ability to gift apps to another user. Any chance that'll happen soon?
  • Nice now give me a good audio book section and you will have a lot of my families money.
  • Agree 100%
  • hmm... Upgraded my VZW GN to 3.8.15 and I still don't see the REDEEM or MY WISHLIST options. I only have 4 options - My Apps, Accounts, Settings, and Help. I wonder if there is something else needed?
  • Im having the same issues
  • You mean like decoding the APK file like it says in the article?
  • uuhh.. Yea! Exactly like that! That's what I get for posting a reply to an article that I read on a different blog. That article didn't make mention the "hidden" menu.
  • Hooray! Also, a wishlist! Perfect.
  • My redeem code