The Mont Blanc accessories for the Note 4 are pricey, but pretty fancy, too

IFA 2014 As part of the raft of Unpacked announcements this week in Berlin from Samsung was news of a partnership with Mont Blanc for the Galaxy Note 4. If you're familiar with Mont Blanc then you're also going to be familiar with the price you pay for their pens, and that part has certainly followed the brand to the Note 4. Quality, yes, but with the price to match.

There are a couple of different cases to choose from and a couple of different pens, with the lower priced of the pens, the Pix, costing $350. If you want the Starwalker bump that up to $525. But then Mont Blanc customers are used to paying these kind of prices. If you already have a regular Starwalker pen lying around that you're not using so much anymore, for a more modest – yet still not insignificant – $155 you can buy an e-refill that will convert your ink pen to an S Pen.

The two cases are priced at $245 and made from a "high performance leather" to not only look great but keep your Note 4 safe, too. The cases also contain a unique ID chip that unlocks exclusive Mont Blanc styled content on the phone, with a changed S Note application and a more inky lockscreen among them.

So, there we are. They're really, really nice accessories – especially that Starwalker S Pen – but they're not going to be for all of us. The added downer to changing the pen is that you can't dock it, so you're going to have to carry it like, well, a pen. And the pen doesn't seem to be exclusively for use with the Note 4 unlike the cases, so if you want to go fancy on your Note 3 then have at it.

Check out a full hands on gallery below.