Amazon UK has reduced the price of the Echo Dot + Philips Hue Starter Kit bundles today, meaning you can get started with your smart home for as little as £79.99 right now.

The kits come with the Echo Dot in black or white, plus the Philips Hue Bridge and a set of bulbs to get you going on your smart lighting journey.

Your light fixture fittings will dictate which set is right for you. Primarily using Edison bulbs? Well, you can choose from the £79.99 White kit that includes 2 dimmable White bulbs — saving you £13 — or the Colour kit that includes 3 bulbs and also throws in the wireless Dimmer Switch for £174.99. This bundle saves you over £35 off the price of buying the items separately.

If you're rocking Bayonet fittings, you'll want to pick up the bundle that includes the B22 Philips Hue White and Colour bulbs plus the wireless Dimmer Switch for £174.99.

Of course, if you have multiple different light fittings around your home, you can always pick up additional Philips Hue bulbs down the line and they'll link up just fine with the Bridge and can then also be controlled by your Echo Dot.

And if you're already up and running with Hue lights, you can add just the Echo Dot to your smart home system for just £34.99 right now, giving you all that Alexa's voice control has to offer.

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