Get your Eye of the Tiger on with these ferocious wallpapers!

Who's a good kitty? Who's a good kitty? These are good kitties, with their massive paws, their sharp claws, and enough bite force to crush your throat. Okay, maybe that last part isn't so good, but these good kitties make good wallpapers, because while they look cute and cuddly, they are also deadly, which takes your home screen from glum to grrrrrrrreat!


Is it nap time yet? I think it's nap time… This is one of the most adorable tiger pictures I could find, and that is saying something. Yes, it's not completely ferocious, but it is reminding me to make like this tiger and give in to sleep. Speaking of which, it's time to shut my phone off for a few minutes and grab a cat nap.

Tiger Nap

Got a jack-o-lantern design yet? You do now?

This dark wallpaper is surprisingly deep for its simple appearance. Rather than simple orange stripes in this negative-image tiger, you can see a whole jungle scene within the bright lines if you start to look for it.

Tiger Striped{.cta .large}

The tension is electric...

Tigers are powerful, furry, springs, always coiled up and waiting to strike. They seemed fairly electric on their own, and just imagine how big a shock you'd get if one snuggled up against your leg? This dark wallpaper adds the static anticipation of a tiger preparing to pounce.

Tiger 2: Electric Whiskeroo

Did you have this folder in grade school? I think I had this folder in grade school.

Okay, remember what I said before about tigers elevating your big kitty wallpaper? Yeah, I might've been stretching the truth a bit. This is a nostalgic wallpaper for me, like I feel like I have a watching folder and notebook in one of my old school backpacks….

Foral Tiger by Schecken


Most kitties are majestic and ever so cuddly or pouncy, but even they sometimes have to drop the nice act and just roar at an idiot. He almost seems to be roaring Eye of the Tiger, with his tongue out like that. "And he's watchin' us all with the EYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Roar by Gagalogi

Ara Wagoner

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