If you text the word EXTRA to the number 70799 you will get a unique code. It's a code that will save you $3 off your next purchase on eBay worth $3.01 or more. While $3 might not be a lot in the grand scheme of things, it could be just what you need to save on a vital piece of inexpensive gear right now. Plus, eBay has you covered with a section dedicated to all things under $10. Use your code there and maximize the savings. Also, you will want to text STOP to the same number afterward if you want to end the interactions. The offer expires Nov. 1.

Easy Money

eBay coupon 3 off a purchase of $3.01 or more

This is a pretty simple deal - text EXTRA to the number 70799 and you'll get a unique code for $3 off purchases of $3.01 or more. We've linked eBay's Under $10 section where you can take the most advantage of this. Text STOP to opt out.

Save $3

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

When we think of saving money we usually are looking to save on the big things: 4K TVs, computer monitors, fancy kitchen appliances. We don't often think about how much money we spend on the little stuff like charging cables, smaller kitchen gadgets, or even video games. Those costs add up over time, so every now and then it's nice to save a little.

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Need some good ideas worth saving on? Check out the collection of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games available for under $10. Pick up something you always meant to play but never got the chance to like Dishonored 2, South Park, or Anthem. There are tons of options there.

Check out the section for kitchen appliances. Walk away with $3 in savings on a new meat thermometer or empanada maker. These 16-inch metal tongs would be less than $2, and you'll get hours of fun clicking them together even if you never actually grab things with them.

Buy a new mini speaker from brands like Sony, Anker, and Luminous. You could also get an inexpensive smartwatch or maybe a variety of colorful smartwatch bands for your current device.

The choice is yours. Spend wisely.

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