Amazon's Fire tablets are perfect for the kids with their durability, low price and the most excellent child-friendly mode. The meat behind the last of those is Fire for Kids Unlimited and right now you can sign up on Cyber Monday for three months for just £0.99.

Kid friendly

Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited

99p for three months

New subscribers to Fire for Kids Unlimited can get their first three months at a grand total of just £0.99, and there's a ton of value for that!

Fire for Kids Unlimited covers both Fire tablets and Kindles and comes with a huge library of curated, child-friendly content to access for no additional charge. Games, apps, books, audiobooks and even a kid-safe web browser are all included and through the parent dashboard you can tailor it to your childs age group specifically.

It also includes a range of very robust parental controls. On the Fire tablets, for example, you can create an entirely separate profile and experience for your children that locks them out from many settings and importantly, from buying things on Amazon!

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The offer provides the first three months for a total of just £0.99, and it can be applied to any of the Fire tablets and Kindle. For existing members, there's also an additional offer it seems of paying £0.99 for a family plan for three months, a saving of £23. After each of these expire you will be automatically charged the regular subscription rates. But there's never been a better time to try it out!

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