Thanksgiving for Android

Since this coming holiday is all about being thankful, we found the Thanksgiving for Android watch face to give you something to smile about. This year you can be thankful for turkey, or for that adorable pilgrim of an Android hanging out on your Android Wear smartwatch. This watch face doesn't have tons of features, but it's adorable and very well done — a great way to get in the spirit before Thursday!

The Thanksgiving for Android Watch Face is a very simple and well designed face. It rocks the image of two Androids dressed up to look like pilgrims with a light blue background, and the information you always want at a glance. Just above the Androids is a small banner that reads Happy Thanksgiving, and above that is displayed the date and time. The time is displayed most prominently in bold white numbers, with the date shown just below it, including the day of the week. It's a very visually minimalistic watch face, and it's done very well with constrasting colors and a blocky style.

Thanksgiving for Android screenshots

When it comes down to options on the Thanksgiving for Android Watch Face, you're really not going to find much. In fact there is one option, and one alone, switching between a 12 hour or 24 hour time display. You can only adjust this by going into the settings with your smartwatch, you won't find any options by using the Android Wear app on your phone. The ambient mode display does work quiet well though, and displays the same information as it does when active. That means that you can see the time and date easily, along with a slightly hard to read 'Happy Thanksgiving' banner.

Thanksgiving for Android is fun, festive, and best of all, it's free on the Google Play Store. This watch face is a great fit if you want some holiday themed androids, or if you're just looking for an interesting change of pace on your wrist. It doesn't have tons of features, which makes it great for anybody who just needs the date and time. So are you a fan, or do you have a different Thanksgiving watch face for us to check out? Let us know in the comments below!