Get some cityscape on your home screen with these wallpapers

That doesn't mean we can't witness and savor the beauty of other cities and their lovely skylines around the world. Cityscapes have been popular wallpapers for a reason: they're gorgeous, and they add sophistication to a home screen. They inspire us to expand our horizons. They let us escape our own drab little corners of the world for somewhere new, fun, and exotic. Let's go around the world, shall we?

Chain Bridge

This wonderful view of Budapest's Chain Bridge is all about connections, as the lights tie everything in the image together. From the cars scurrying back and forth across the bridge itself to the erratic strands of fairy light that bounce about the bridge, the rooftops, and the lampposts, this is a cityscape that beckons you the come into the light and connect to this lovely world.

Cityscape recolored by simen91

Doha Bay

Cityscape wallpapers give us glimpses into worlds we will never see, and there are few places that is more true of than the gleaming metropolis of Doha, capital city of Qatar. The shining city gleams like a jewel as it sit upon Doha Bay, and looking like this, you would never guess this was in the Middle East rather than some bustling Asian hub. The city lights reflect on the calm waters of the bay, giving with the mesmerizing display.


This city tells a story

Not all cityscapes are brilliant and crisp, and this rendition by VonSchlippe could tell a hundred different stories, from the sparse Christmas lights slung up between the streets and the mish-mash of architectural styles and awnings of the shops far below. This is a city bustling with life and with culture, and I can't wait to explore it.

Cityscape by VonSclippe

The themes are screaming at me.

This crisp, monochromatic take on a city skyline adds depth as it plays in shades of simple cerulean. It's breathtaking, but the true brilliance comes as it mixes the minimalistic look of the cityscape with the ripples of the water and the stars above. Also, take this wallpaper, add Whicons: instant theme.

Mode 7 City Wallpaper by the Hamster Alliance{.cta .large}

Keep Austin Awesome

"He figured she'd gone back to Austin, 'cause she talking about it all the time…"

Blake Shelton's dream girl in Austin has the right idea, because no matter how far you wander, there'll always be something about Austin. SXSW. Austin City Limits. Circuit of the Americas. Austin has a bit of everything, and that includes a lot of nerds. Austin is a bit of a tech town and a bit of an arts town, but the whole town is authentically Texan and authentically AWESOME. Besides, at the end of every whirlwind trip, the important thing is to come home, and I am proud to call this city home.


Ara Wagoner

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