Gary Johnson 2012 app available in the Play Store

Let us not forget that there are more than two apps available this election year -- the Gary Johnson 2012 app is now available for download in the Google Play Store. Whether you already know former New Mexico Governor Johnson's platform or have never heard of him, the app has a lot of great information available. You can see his live event schedule, read his updates from social networks, share with your friends and get links to all of his campaign resources.

The app is free and available now, so hit up the Google Play Store link above and download it for yourself. A more politically informed voting base is always a good thing.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Oh GAWD, please kill this trend before it gets started! This can only lead to a million crAPPS, one for every candidate, ballot issue, or referendum. Its bad enough every radio station, tv, station, newspaper, and magazine has to have their own app. Now THIS? Its not about his politics. We just don't need to start this trend.
  • The trend had been in place way before Gary's app was uploaded. Go check and search for Obama, or Romney. An app is an information container, or medium and a 3rd party candidate like Gary Johnson has to use every means at his disposal to get his message out, because you he ain't going to get any love from the media. It may not be an app you like, but the trend is here to stay and as a medium of communication, political speech is bound to be found there. I support it.
  • Like separation of government and church, need separation of government and android too!
  • Why not just ignore it if you don't care for it? I do understand where you're coming from but they got a right to push whatever media they can to promote themselves.
  • This app should be called "Help Obama Get Elected".
  • Pretty much. I vote Libertarian most every time. Yep, it might as well be throwing a vote in the trash... but at least I am voting- and it is for real change. Republicrats both want the same thing- more overall taxes, more laws, more government power, more spending, more spying on the public, less citizen freedom. The change we REALLY need is to change the way voting works to a runoff system so we can vote how we really want without EVER throwing away votes....
  • " If everyone will waste their vote on me, I will be the next President of the United States. A WASTED VOTE IS VOTING FOR SOMEONE YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN." - Gary Johnson
  • Ditto. I vote the same way. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two lizards that are running the country into the ground by "fixing" the budget by borrowing ridiculous amounts of money and growing government like crazy.
  • Thanks to Bush borrowing 11 trillion in 8 years, seriously wtf, and where'd did that money go too?!
  • The same tired old argument that you are wasting your vote unless you vote for the lesser of two evils which has got us where we are today...
  • The only candidate worth a damn and guess what? No chance of election.
  • This stuff is lame but this dude is pretty legit. Seriously good governor that created a great surplus in NM, is an Iron man and climbed Mt Everest. Pretty badass
  • I can't stop thinking of Cave Johnson
  • Vote for a republican or a democrat is a wasted vote. You get the same thing voting either way.
  • +1
  • This has confirmed what I already suspected. Liberals prefer Apple, Conservatives prefer android :).
  • I don't know about Conservatives, in the sense that most Americans think. Maybe Libertarians.. Very open..
  • Awesome, thanks for posting this! Its amazing how many people seem to not even know that there is an option other than Obamney and are planning to just not vote because of it.
  • That's really cool Android Central posted this. When Gary Johnson made the facebook post a lot of Android fanboys came out. It's cool that Gary Johnson is getting some media somewhere. A vote for Obomney is just a wasted vote.
  • Is writing in Ron Paul a waste of a vote?
  • Nope :)
  • Too bad Ron Paul didn't get the "republican" nomination. The media isn't helping Paul or Gary Johnson in every way. Its very sad, because the democrats and republicans both suck.