The Quest Pro is already getting a better way to connect to PCs

Remote Desktop beta on a Meta Quest Pro
(Image credit: Ty Hurd)

What you need to know

  • A new Remote Desktop beta app has been launched on the Meta Quest app store for the Meta Quest Pro.
  • The app seems to only be available to some users in certain regions.
  • Remote Desktop beta allows users to directly access their PCs from the Quest home screen.

If Meta is known for one thing in VR these days, it's releasing new software updates and apps all the time. The Quest 2 is one of the most frequently updated consoles of all time, getting new features every single month since the system's launch. Now, Meta is already launching a quicker way to wirelessly connect to your PC on Quest Pro headsets without ever having to leave the home screen.

The new app is called Remote Desktop, first discovered by VR-Italia. While the app is only available on the official Quest store for certain regions, an APK for the app has been mirrored on Google Drive and can be installed separately. For now, it looks like it's officially launching on the Meta Quest Pro but should also be available on the Quest at some point.

As always, use caution when installing 3rd-party apps from untrusted sources. Unless you're super gung-ho about testing it out, we'd suggest waiting for it to be available from the official store before trying it out.

This new app appears to be an alternative to Horizon Workrooms, which Meta mainly markets as a way to get the "office experience" in VR no matter where you're working from. With the Quest Pro last month, Meta launched a new personal spaces section on Horizon Workrooms that allows users to work alone at a desk instead of in a meeting or communal room with other colleagues.

Like Horizon Workrooms, this new Remote Desktop app supports multiple virtual monitors at the same time. It also supports the Quest Pro's color passthrough feature, so you can still see the world around you and have your virtual desktops floating wherever you want them instead of being chained to a desk.

The new app from Meta looks to be a direct challenger to apps like Virtual Desktop and Immersed, which also offer ways to connect to your PC or Mac. The positive part of Meta's strategy here is that users wouldn't need to leave their home screens to launch the app since it runs in a 2D workspace, similar to how it looks when running an Android app on the Quest.

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