The latest Quest update lets you finally play Beat Saber in bed

Lying on a bed wearing a Meta Quest 2 with a Kiwi Design audio/battery headstrap
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What you need to know

  • Quest firmware v53 for Quest 2 and Quest Pro is currently in the public testing phase and you can install it right now if you want to test it out.
  • One new feature in testing is a 'lying down mode' which lets users play games or watch videos while lying in bed (or elsewhere).
  • Meta recently added compatibility for Oculus Go apps, local dimming on PC VR games when used with Quest Pro, and more.

If you've ever tried to lay in bed to watch a movie or hangout socially in VR, you'll know that it's a bit of a mixed bag. While it's been feasible to do in some apps, social apps like Horizon Worlds or VR Chat will almost certainly just show you laying down in VR.

Now, with the latest v53 update, Quest 2 and Quest Pro users can actually lay down on a couch, bed, or even on the floor and still look like they're standing up in virtual space. That's thanks to a new 'lying down mode' that can be enabled from the mobility section under accessibility settings. This new mode could also prove to be invaluable to folks who may not be able to stand up for play for long periods of time — or at all.

While you could also play games like Beat Saber in bed, you'll need to add modifiers to remove the walls, otherwise, it might be a bit difficult to dodge and duck under them while lying down.

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Just make sure that, if you end up enjoying using VR while lying down, you get one of the best Quest 2 headstraps without a giant battery hump on the back. Otherwise, it might get a little uncomfortable for your head in a short time. If you want to sign up to test out the new feature, head to Meta's Quest PTC guide.

We're still waiting to hear more about other new features in v53 when it makes its eventual full release in May.

Meta's v51 update that went out earlier in April brought several other new features to the table including reintroducing support for some Oculus Go titles. About 60 titles will now work on Quest 2 and Quest Pro but your mileage may vary with each app. I tried out a few and some load up but the controls don't work quite right.

Oculus Go games would actually be very good to play lying down since that system didn't support much physical movement for play. Meta previously supported these games on the original Quest but removed compatibility when the Quest 2 launched.

Quest Pro owners can now also enable local dimming in PC VR games when connected with connected to a PC with a wired or wireless connection. When you enable that setting, the Quest Pro's QLED display will display truer black levels and more vibrant colors.

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