Quest 2 has a new lower price and is getting a 26% performance upgrade

The Meta Quest 2 headset sitting next to a charging cable arranged like an infinity symbol.
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Starting June 4, the Meta Quest 2 will retail for $299 for the 128GB SKU and $349 for the 256GB SKU.
  • All Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets will receive a significant performance boost up to 26% in the next firmware update, v55, when it launches in June.
  • Games can also be higher-resolution and sharper but developers will need to update their apps and games to take advantage of the new speed boost.

As we get closer to the release of the Quest 3 this Fall, Meta is making moves to ensure that the Quest 2 remains the king of VR headsets until that moment. A brand new price drop back to the original launch price of the headset will, no doubt, help that effort a lot.

Starting June 4, gamers can buy a 128GB Quest 2 headset for $299, while the 256GB model will retail for $349. Meta previously increased the price of these headsets to $399 and $499 last year when it dropped the requirement to use a Facebook account to log into the headset just to play.

That makes a lot of sense since the Quest 3 will be launching at $499, making this an easy pick for anyone who wants a second headset, is running a tighter budget, or just doesn't need the latest and greatest hardware.

In addition to that news, the next Quest firmware update launching in June will bring about a significant performance improvement in all existing Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. Here's a video of the improvement in action.

Meta is achieving this performance improvement by allowing developers to use a new dynamic resolution method that will scale a game's resolution automatically when the action heats up. Once things die down — as they might when you're done slaying zombies in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners — the Quest 2 will increase the resolution and make things sharper than ever before.

Developers will need to update their apps and games to take advantage of the new processor improvements and speeds but the feature will be launching alongside several apps that have already been updated to take advantage of the new feature.

Dynamic resolution scaling will happen automatically in any app or game that has been updated to support it, so look for plenty of updates to start going out as we lead up to the Quest 3's release later this Fall.

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