Poll: Now that the PS VR2 is out, do you plan to buy one?

The author aiming a bow and arrow with the Sony PS VR2 Sense controllers.
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VR is still a steadily growing and increasingly popular part of the gaming market as the hardware and software experiences continue to improve with each generation. The latest and greatest hardware devices are making their way to our homes (or work), and we got a chance to play with and review the Sony PS VR2.

Sony's new VR gaming headset is an impressive piece of hardware, but it's not cheap. The Sony PS VR2 retails for $550, which is priced higher than a PS5, making it quite the investment. However, if you're into VR gaming, it seems it just might be worth the splurge.

Do you agree? Are you buying the new PS VR2?

Android Central's Michael Hicks praises the headset in his PS VR2 review for its impressive hardware, great visuals, comfortable fit, and improved controls. Visually, it's a significant upgrade from the original PS VR, with higher resolutions per eye, a wider field of view, and improved eye tracking.

Controls have also received a massive upgrade as Sony reuses some of the same impressive tech from the DualSense controllers into the new PS VR2 Sense controllers. That means adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, along with finger touch detection for more natural gaming experiences.

Sony PS VR2 Sense controller held in hand with strap attached to wrist.

(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

It's not all great, though. Hicks laments the lack of a built-in speaker, and the wired gameplay is something he had to get used to again after using some of the best VR headsets like the wireless Meta Quest 2. Still, if you can get over that, the PS VR2 shouldn't disappoint.

That's because Sony included a lineup of new PS VR2 games to take advantage of the new hardware. That includes titles like Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil VIII: The Village, and Gran Turismo 7. Not only that, but there are plenty of existing games receiving nice PS VR2 upgrades since the headset isn't backwards compatible, such as After the Fall: Complete Edition, No Man's Sky, and, eventually, favorites like Beat Saber.

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