NERF Ultimate Championship's first season adds new map and blaster

Dual-wielding Blasters in NERF Ultimate Championship for Meta Quest 2
(Image credit: Secret Location)

What you need to know

  • NERF Ultimate Championship starts Season 1 today, Sept. 27.
  • The free update adds a new map, NERF blaster, and a completely free battle pass with 40 levels to unlock.
  • The game's next big update is coming in October, while Season 2 is scheduled for December. 

Virtual reality 4v4 competitive multiplayer shooter NERF Ultimate Championship begins its first season today with the addition of a new map, new weapon, and a free seasonal pass with cosmetic rewards.

The first season for NERF Ultimate Championship is available today, one month after the game launched for Oculus Quest 2. The update is free for all players, and adds a new Team Battle map called Broadcast for a total of five maps in the game. The new map features waterfalls and vistas on the cliffside to parkour around.

The season adds a new NERF blaster called the Stryfe, which was voted on by the game's Discord community. The Elite Stryfe seems to be a submachine gun-type weapon that is suitable for close range. The new weapon join the other 10 blasters introduced at launch.

The game also introduces a larger season pass than its pre-season with 40 levels of rewards to unlock such as character and blaster skins. The battle pass is free for all players.

NERF Ultimate Championship will continue to receive post-launch support through the end of the year with a mid-season drop of a new map and blaster in October, and Season 2 coming sometime in December. Season 2 will include a new map, blaster, and an additional game mode.

Android Central previewed NERF Ultimate Championship when it launched and found it to be a  unique VR multiplayer shooter that was perhaps a little light on content. Developer Secret Location has promised several seasons of content, and its support into the next year could make it one of the best Quest 2 games.


NERF Ultimate Championship

NERF Ultimate Championship brings foam dart gun fights into virtual reality for Meta Quest 2. It has entered its first season of new content including a new blaster, map, and battle pass.

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