Fast Travel Games reveals Everslaught Invasion and new Broken Edge trailer

Everslaught Invasion
(Image credit: Fast Travel Games)

What you need to know

  • Publisher Fast Travel Games announced Everslaught Invasion, a new interpretation of action RPG Everslaught, coming to Oculus Quest 2 in early 2023.
  • The VR game features two-player co-op, three distinct classes, and a progression system.
  • Multiplayer sword-dueling title Broken Edge received a new gameplay trailer showcasing all the classes that can be played, and is coming to  VR headsets this November.

Virtual reality game publisher Fast Travel Games released two gameplay trailers for a newly announced game and one coming later this year during the Gamescom event today.

Fast Travel Games announced a new game based on the VR hack and slash title Everslaught with Everslaught Invasion coming to Oculus Quest 2. The interpretation of the action RPG, developed by MobX Games, takes place in the same universe as the original and will support two-player co-op.

Everslaught Invasion will feature three classes each with their own play styles and tools: Rogue, Vanguard, and Warrior. Players will be able to freely move around with a hookshot, gain new loot, and upgrade their skills in an in-depth progression system.

“We’ve used the original Everslaught universe to create a brand new co-op action game filled with satisfying combat and great replayability,” said Gihad Chbib, MobX Games founder. “While we can’t reveal everything just yet, we’re confident that fans of the original and new players alike will be thrilled with this interpretation.” 

Everslaught Invasion is scheduled to launch in early 2023. The first Everslaught is still in Steam Early Access since last year, and is planned for an official release "towards the end of 2022."

Fast Travel Games also revealed a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming sword-dueling game Broken Edge. The trailer below details the game's class system, where each class has different stances and temporary perks with benefits dependent on the martial art being used. The multiplayer VR title was announced last June and will be coming to Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR headsets this November.

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