Beat Saber settles your weekend plans with The Weeknd DLC pack

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What you need to know

  • The newest Beat Saber DLC pack features Grammy-winning R&B singer-songwriter The Weeknd.
  • The pack has ten songs, including chart-topping hits like Blinding Lights and Starboy.
  • New lighting and special effects added to The Weeknd DLC will appear in future packs.
  • Beat Saber The Weeknd DLC pack is available for $12.99, or $1.99 per song.

Beat Saber DLC packs typically release every few months, so after the launch of the excellent Lizzo DLC pack, we didn't expect any new content until next year. But Beat Games surprised us, announcing on November 8 that its new The Weeknd Beat Saber Music Pack is available starting today.

Available on the Quest Store, the $12.99 Beat Saber The Weeknd DLC pack includes ten songs, including the number one Billboard Hot 100 song Blinding Lights and Grammy-nominated Can't Feel My Face. The full list of songs is below:

  • Blinding Lights
  • Can’t Feel My Face
  • How Do I Make You Love Me?
  • I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)
  • Pray For Me (with Kendrick Lamar)
  • Sacrifice
  • Save Your Tears
  • Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)
  • Take My Breath
  • The Hills

As with most Beat Saber music packs, this The Weeknd bundle is designed with a "brand-new custom environment and visuals inspired by his distinctive style."

Although The Weeknd wasn't on our wishlist of dream Beat Saber DLC packs we want to see, this pack does include collabs with Daft Punk and Kendrick Lamar, both of which are on our list. We're curious to see who Meta has next in line, and if it will keep up a more accelerated schedule of Beat Saber DLC moving forward.

This DLC pack doesn't have a new gameplay mechanic, but it does feature revamped visuals. Meta told us that it has "new lighting technology, with movable objects and lasers for more expressive and intricate lighting effects."

So the cyberpunk world of Beat Saber will look even more impressive than before; we can imagine custom, free-floating objects outside of the usual blocks will make for a cool effect. Though hopefully, you won't let it distract you from conquering each song on Expert+.

If you're planning on getting sweaty trying to set a high score on The Weeknd Beat Saber DLC, you may want to check out our list of Quest 2 workout accessories that'll help make exercising in VR more comfortable.


Beat Saber x The Weeknd Music Pack | DLC pack | Full Game
The latest Beat Saber DLC takes you into the sonic world of The Weeknd. The four-time Grammy winning, Super Bowl halftime show-hosting performer brings his popular hits to virtual reality for the first time.

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