Among Us VR trailer shows the crewmates' frightening reality

An Among Us crewmate in VR
(Image credit: Innersloth, Schell Games)

What you need to know

  • Meta revealed the first full gameplay trailer of the Skeld map of Among Us VR at the Meta Games Showcase on 4/20.
  • The gameplay revealed unique VR mechanics like peeking out of vents and gesturing at crewmates with your hands.
  • Games will require between four and ten players.
  • Developed by Innersloth LLC, Schell Games, and Robot Teddy, Among Us VR will launch "Holiday 2022" for the Quest 2 and Rift S.

The Among Us fad has fallen from the crazy heights of last year, so a VR port felt cool but not necessarily vital to try. At today's Meta Games Showcase, Innersloth and Schell Games proved us wrong: the VR port captures the look and feel of the original in 3D, but adds a level of dread and physical interaction that could make this port the definitive way to play the game.

The gameplay trailer below shows crewmates exploring a perfect 3D recreation of The Skeld, Among Us' most popular map. And it shows exactly how intimidating the crewmates would really look in real life, instead of an inch tall on a PC screen.

Turning from a task to see a blank-faced, silent, larger-than-human blob staring at you is creepy as hell. As you complete tasks, you'll constantly be looking over your shoulder, with the fixed VR perspective ensuring you're not at a remove when someone comes lumbering towards you.

Unfortunately, this trailer doesn't show what imposter murders look like yet. We'll have to wait for another trailer; given the game won't arrive until "Holiday 2022," the devs are probably saving that for later.

What we did see was how Voting or Emergency Meetings would look like. Whereas players stare at a voting screen in the regular game, you'll actually congregate in the main room around the emergency button. There, you'll have the chance to point accusingly at whoever you think did it — or at the fall guy for your own crime.

We don't see tasks in action, but we do see the player looking at their map and task list on a tablet you pull from your waist, meaning you can check things while keeping an eye on your surroundings. And we saw an imposter lurking in a vent on the wall while staring at a crewmate; the original game has vents on the floor, but wall vents make much more sense from a 3D perspective.

The trailer put a lot of focus on the crewmates' hands, and while Schell Games didn't confirm it, we'd hope that the game will support hand tracking, especially given the recent tracking upgrades.

We don't know yet whether The Airship, Polus, or Mira HQ will make an appearance, as the press release doesn't specify. It does say that games must have 4-10 players, which suggests that newer updates like 15-player games or new player roles like Shapeshifter and Guardian Angel might not make an appearance. We'll reach out to Schell Games for clarification. 

Overall, we're genuinely excited to try Among Us based on this trailer, as it could breathe new life into a game that many people have moved on from. The only question is whether it can recapture a similarly high level of interest as it did in the past.

Michael L Hicks
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