City simulator Little Cities launches for Quest VR on April 21

Little Cities
(Image credit: nDreams)

What you need to know

  • Little Cities is a cozy city-building simulator built entirely for VR.
  • Players can construct buildings and road layouts, control economics, and save their inhabitants from natural disasters.
  • Will be coming to Quest and Quest 2 headsets on April 21.

Little Cities, a colorful city simulator from developer Purple Yonder and VR publisher nDreams, will be coming to Quest headsets on April 21. The game received a trailer briefly showing off some of its gameplay below.

The Quest and Quest 2 game allows players to build their own city on an island in virtual reality by laying out roads and building homes alongside industrial buildings. Players also act as the city's mayor with managing the power networks, building schools, and making sure there are enough emergency services like police and fire fighters.

The game features three island themes to choose from: desert, tropical, and volcanic islands. Each of the themes also come with an archipelago version to build around several smaller islands that can be connected. The theme of the island will determine what natural disasters are awaiting the city folk, such as sandstorms in the desert or volcanic eruptions, though the tropical climate can serve as the basic theme if the natural disasters are too distracting.

Coincidentally, other city-building simulator Cities: VR will be coming to Quest 2 a week later on April 28. The two seem very different in their approaches to the genre though. Cities: VR is an adapted VR version of Cities: Skylines, which offers much deeper customization and control over a city, while Little Cities is more about creation and relaxation.

Little Cities is being published by nDreams, which had collaborated with Ubisoft on Far Cry VR: Dive into Insanity and produced one of the best Quest 2 games with Phantom: Covert Ops. The company recently received $35 million in funding to expand their publishing arm, and Little Cities will be the first game released under it with more third-party titles announced soon.

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